Book Review -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 17:1 (Spring 1974)
Article: Book Review
Author: Anonymous

Book Review

A History of Fundamentalism in America by Dr. George W. Dollar (Bob Jones University Press, Greenville, S.C., 1973, 411 pages, $6.95, paper $3.95) is a masterpiece in its field, in that the author not only, deals with the whole period and area of the subject without limitation in the scope (whereas other writers in the past dealt with a certain period, group or movement), but also shows a thorough and careful research.

Dr. Dollar, as an able and well-known historian of this field, skillfully steers a clear course through the facts of history. Employing the historiographic method, the author carefully selected the particulars from authentic materials, and arranged the synthesis of particulars into a narrative, bringing out vividly the causes of the failure of the fundamentalists in the denominations.

Revealing various phases of activities and fellowships of fundamentalists after the denominational battles were over, he lists unhesitatingly schools and mission societies into three classifications: militant, moderate and modified, effectively showing the danger of inclusivism and infiltration in the fundamentalists circles, and calling on the readers for keen discernment and a willingness to stand for Biblical separation.

The book is well documented, and contains over 100 pages of helpful biographical index, glossary and lengthy bibliography, and 49 valuable topics for discussion and. research for students and researchers of this field. The book is extremely valuable as a tool for students of history and a source of ready reference for the Bible-believing saints as to the issues of this day.

—Dr. C. Daniel Kim

The Septuagint with Apocrapha, Greek and English (Zondervan, Grand Rapids, 1972, 1378 pages, $9.95) is a Zondervan reprint of Bagster’s edition of the LXX. For the Bible student who uses Greek but not Hebrew this tool is a must. The parallel columns of Greek and English provide easy access to a more complete English translation. The Greek script is clear and large enough to allow for study over an extended period of time. The publishers are to be commended for providing this study tool for Bible students and pastors.

—Gordon H. Lovik

Pastoring the Smaller Church by John C. Thiessen [8th printing] (Zondervan, Grand Rapids, 1973, $2.95 paper) is a reprint of a helpful book on a very important subject, the pastor in the small church. The seminary graduate will not find new material herein but will benefit from well-organized and practical discussions of the many areas in which he must minister.

—Gordon H. Lovik

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