Helps For A Youth Pastor -- By: Gordon H. Lovik

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 17:4 (Winter 1974)
Article: Helps For A Youth Pastor
Author: Gordon H. Lovik

Helps For A Youth Pastor

Gordon H. Lovik

Registrar, Central Baptist Theological Seminary of Minneapolis

1. The youth pastor should have complete freedom to work, though responsible to work under the policies of the pastor.

2. The youth pastor should have a desire to learn about the total program of the church since someday he may also pastor a church.

3. The youth pastor must realize that he must do his job faithfully, often without the appreciation of others.

4. The youth pastor is an extension of the pulpit ministry, therefore, he must check with the pastor to see how the youth program will affect the total church ministry.

5. The youth pastor should seek the same goals as the overall program of the church, else he will produce a divisiveness that will have tragic consequences.

6. The youth pastor should never bring issues before the people that the pastor is not in favor of, since the Lord calls only one leader to a church at a time -that is the pastor.

7 The youth pastor should never strive to make his youth program a separate entity from the church.

8 Th. youth pastor should never make enemies among the church, members, because they will never again be his friends.

9. The youth castor when contemplating leaving must uphold the work of the church, since it is God’s work no matter how deficient it may be.

10. The youth pastor must leave the church in as good a condition as when he came (better if possible).

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