Jesus Of Nazareth: The Supreme Prophet Of God -- By: Michael H. Windsor

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 18:1 (Spring 1975)
Article: Jesus Of Nazareth: The Supreme Prophet Of God
Author: Michael H. Windsor

Jesus Of Nazareth: The Supreme Prophet Of God

Michael H. Windsor

The Bible, the inspired revelation of God to man, reveals to any person that will read it objectively that the Lord Jesus Christ was a prophet of God. Not only was He the very Son of God manifested in the flesh, but He also fulfilled the requirements of being a prophet. In His earthly ministry, Christ showed Himself to be the prophet par excellence.

An examination of the evidence presents two broad facts. Firstly, Christ was considered in His day to be a prophet. And secondly, using Scripture, it can be seen that the Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled the requirements for the office of prophet.

Christ Was Considered A Prophet

Strong evidence supporting the statement that Christ was indeed a prophet of God is that He was so considered in His day. Had no one of Christ Jesus’ contemporaries asserted that He was a prophet, it would have cast serious doubts upon any later assertions by future generations of the prophetic nature of Christ’s work. The mere factor that some of His contemporaries did consider Him to be a prophet does not assure that such was true, but it does give support to such an assertion, for if His work was of such a nature that no one in His day recognized Him to be a prophet, then surely any later assertions to this point would have little

ground. Hence, the assertion is based on the work of Christ Jesus and the subsequent recognition of its prophetic nature by others.

Considered A Prophet By The Multitudes

As Jesus of Nazareth walked from place to place in Palestine, He attracted multitudes wherever He went. Some came to eat the bread and fishes He provided. Others came to hear His authoritative teachings. Still others came for the reason of seeing the continuing conflict between Jesus and the religious leaders of His day. And wherever He went, there were some among the multitude that counted Him to be a prophet of that day.

Among the events transpiring during the ministry of Christ was the raising of the dead son of the widow of Nain. The Scriptures say that the people present praised God and that they counted Jesus as being a prophet (Lk. 7:16). After He had fed the 5,000 hungry people by a miraculous provision, the crowd again acclaimed Jesus to be a prophet of God (Jn. 6:14). While in Jerusalem Jesus taught with such authority that some of the multitude were convinced that this was a prophet among them (Jn. 7:40).

Even as late in His ministry as the so-called Triumphal Entry He w...

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