Ten Appearances To Paul -- By: Morris V. Klock

Journal: Central Bible Quarterly
Volume: CENQ 18:1 (Spring 1975)
Article: Ten Appearances To Paul
Author: Morris V. Klock

Ten Appearances To Paul

Morris V. Klock

The Apostle Paul wrote more than one half of the books of the New Testament. To be a true prophet Paul must evidence some of the characteristics that are required of a prophet. There is evidence that Paul was sent by God and was conscious of his being sent. The basis of the validity of Paul’s commissioning is centered upon the visions he had of the Lord. Were these merely repetitious, incongruent, unobjective hallucinations? Was Paul conscious of the meaning and purpose of God?

As many prophets of the Old Testament were assured of their being sent through means of visions and personal appearances of God, so Paul, likewise, had such valid occurrences in his call. There were ten visions which Paul saw which had bearing on his ministry and his consciousness of being sent by God. These have been dated by Goodwin:



Acts 9:1–9; 22:5–11; 26:12–20

Conversion of Saul



Acts 9:10–19; 22:12–16

Vision of Ananias


37–39 A.D.

Galatians 1

Arabia revelation



Acts 9:26–29; 22:15–21; Galatians 1:17–20

First Vision - Fleeing Jerusalem


39–43 A.D.

II Corinthians 12:1–4

Third heaven



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