Hearing God’s Voice: Evaluating Some Popular Teachings On The Subject -- By: Callie Joubert

Journal: Conspectus
Volume: CONSPECTUS 25:1 (Mar 2018)
Article: Hearing God’s Voice: Evaluating Some Popular Teachings On The Subject
Author: Callie Joubert

Hearing God’s Voice:
Evaluating Some Popular Teachings On The Subject

Callie Joubert


Nick Maartens


Divine Guidance, God’s Voice, Prophecy, Hearing God

About The Authors1

Callie Joubert

PHD (UK-ZN); DPhil (UJ); MPhil/ BPhil(US); BA (UNISA); Dipl in Theology (TCSA). Callie is a Postgraduate research supervisor at SATS.

Nick Maartens

BA Hons (Theology) (ICI); (Belguim); BA (Letters) and HED from University of Pretoria. Nick is a retired Pastor and school Head Master.

This article: https://www.sats.edu.za/joubert-maartens-hearing-gods-voice


Hearing the voice of God is for many Christians part of their everyday life and undoubtedly biblical. But what exactly do they mean by ‘hearing God’s voice’ and how do they distinguish between God’s voice, their own thoughts or feelings and other voices? To assess whether certain ways in which some claim to be ‘hearing God’s voice’ are scriptural, this paper presents the results of three studies conducted by researchers who have investigated the phenomenon. It then focuses on some of the things Christians are being taught about God’s voice, which are nothing less than confusing and often unbiblical. The third section comprises a response to two widely accepted claims. The first is that God’s voice is a ‘still small voice’ in a Christian’s spirit, or that God’s voice is the voice of Jesus referred to in John 10. The second claim allows for mistakes and inaccuracies when hearing ‘God’s voice’ through prophecy. The paper concludes that Christian leaders should have reason to be greatly concerned about the beliefs of some of their followers. It then offers some suggestions about how spiritual deception can be minimised.

1. Introduction

For many Christians intimacy with God is central to their personal relationship with him. Hearing God’s voice has also become part of their everyday life.2 It is quite evident in everyday conversations between Christians and the expressions they use. It is also evident in the literature on hearing God’s voice, everyday decision making and spiritual guidance through personal prophecies (Blackaby and Blackaby 2014; Cornerstone 2014; Deere 1996; Dein and Littlewood 2007; Dein and Cook 2015; Goosen and Peppler 2015; Huggins 2005; Hybels 2010; Jacobs 1995; ...

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