Introduction to the Second Edition -- By: Mal Couch

Journal: Conservative Theological Journal
Volume: CTJ 01:2 (Aug 1997)
Article: Introduction to the Second Edition
Author: Mal Couch

Introduction to the Second Edition

Mal Couch, General Editor

Since the last edition of this journal, even more theological destruction seems to be looming on the horizon for the conservative evangelical world. (Note the review in this volume of Geisler’s new book CREATING GOD IN THE IMAGE OF MAN?) Coming into Christian schools and churches is a mixed theological stew that is slowly but surely changing the face of biblical belief. The next decade will be decisive. Can schools like TYNDALE, along with the publication of solid and doctrinally sure commentaries and theologies, make a difference?

We certainly believe that, sovereignly speaking, our God may do as He pleases in this matter. He may bring forth revival by the working of His Spirit through His human instruments, or He may bring about a spiritual dark ages that extinguishes the flame and the light of Bible truth. At this stage we do not know what His providential pleasure may be! Though through prayer, we have the right and privilege to plead our cause before our Sovereign and Master.

The case of the journal of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary shows how subtle and deceptive some of these changes can be. Recently, the December issue, published by that institution, the SOUTHWESTERN JOURNAL OF THEOLOGY, was canceled, even though the issue had already been printed. The school administration is putting forth some effort at holding back the forces of liberalism, and in making that attempt, would not send out the December edition because of three liberal articles by three liberal teachers. What was in the articles has not been revealed but it was biblically challenging enough to stop distribution.

Since Southwestern fired its neo-orthodox president Dr. Dilday a few years ago, the conservative Board of Trustees has tried to steer the school in a biblically responsible manner, even though the accreditation association criticized the school and came near to removing its accreditation status.

Because there is no strong doctrinal statement at Southwestern, the seminary is under fire again for “censoring” the journal, as the liberals would put it. Others cried loss of “academic freedom” when the journal was not circulated. And so it goes at many institutions. A war of confusion reigns because doctrine is first of all not taught and defended. And as well, the Bible is no longer the ultimate authority. TYNDALE’S conservative journal can be trusted to affirm solid hermeneutics and to defend true and tested evangelical doctrine. In a certain sense this is a challenge, but in other ways this is easy and only right, to let the Word of God speak without a mixture of humanism and philosophy. This is the pledge we make to our readers. As Harry Ironside wrote:

“Beware of men, raised up within the church, who are attem...

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