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Journal: Conservative Theological Journal
Volume: CTJ 05:16 (Dec 2001)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Heart of the Problem by Henry Brandt and Kerry L. Skinner, Nashville, TN.: Broadman & Holman, 1997, 225 pp., cloth, $16.99

What a refreshing little book! It is not about psychology and the human dilemma, but it is about the ravages of sin in the lives of Christians. Though Brandt holds a doctorate in psychology, he repudiates it in this very biblical volume. Right off, he slams the psychological view that humans struggle with a great inner complexity that only the professionals can fix. He writes,

A massive group of people—intelligent, educated, influential, politically powerful people—who have the best interests of humanity at heart, firmly and fiercely reject the concepts of sin, a creator, and a God. You might compare that host of people to a huge giant called Goliath. They firmly believe: God isn’t.

The humanistic world says, “No deity can save us. We must save ourselves.” The authors point out that this is the position of the state secular colleges, most graduate training programs, politicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and sociologists. They spend millions on “scientific research” in trying to solve human emotional problems and correct the environment that they think is the cause of wrong behavior. But it is all to no avail.

Sin is the problem and this can only be cured by confession and claiming the cross of Christ for forgiveness. The authors further state,

None of the penance programs will help. His Son shed His blood to make this free gift available to us. I need to accept the cure for my past sin. When we sincerely ask, “God, forgive me of my sins,” He does!

Though this is not a doctrinal and theological text, it really gets to the heart of the basic problem of mankind—sin. The book is filled with biblical passages, but is also alive with human experiences. This volume is a great reminder to us all of what Christianity is all about. Highly recommended!

Mal Couch,
Tyndale Seminary

Politics and Public Policy: A Christian Response by Timothy J. Demy and Gary P. Stewart. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2000, 351 pp., cloth, $19.99

This book is a collection of articles addressing the issue of Christian involvement in politics. The book is structured around four major topics regarding politics and public policy: theological perspectives, historical perspectives, contemporary perspective, and international perspectives.

The aim of the book is to encourage Christians to engage society and the world through the political, governmental, and social structures available to us,...

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