Dallas Seminary Says: Don’t Take A Stand For Israel -- By: Thomas S. McCall

Journal: Conservative Theological Journal
Volume: CTJ 07:22 (Dec 2003)
Article: Dallas Seminary Says: Don’t Take A Stand For Israel
Author: Thomas S. McCall

Dallas Seminary Says:
Don’t Take A Stand For Israel

Thomas S. McCall

School of Tyrannus
Tyler, TX

The new president of Dallas Seminary, Dr. Mark Bailey, has published an article in the Veritas publication of the Seminary in which he advises Christians not to get “caught up in the political divide” in the controversy between Israel and the Palestinians. He deduces that neither the Jews nor the Arabs has any “permanent” claim on the Promised Land until Christ returns to establish His future reign in Israel for the Millennium. Therefore, he urges believers to adopt an evenhanded approach, in which the Arabs must recognize God’s future promises to Israel, and the Jews must treat the Palestinians in their midst as they would want to be treated. In other words, Dr. Bailey is exhorting us not to take a stand for Israel under the current circumstances.

The venerable Chancellor of the Seminary, the late Dr. John Walvoord, also provides a supplementary article in which he concludes that “Dr. Bailey’s analysis is accurate.” This is not a new view. The liberal National Council of Churches and the Amillennialists have been preaching the same “evenhanded” attitude, or even a pro-Palestinian view for many years, although they came to this conclusion in different ways. What is new (and tragic) is that this attitude is being officially adopted by a school that has a reputation for being Dispensational and for being a long-time friend of Israel.

God Has Given the Land to Israel

One of the amazing things about Dr. Bailey’s article is that he begins by clearly listing the Biblical promises of the Land to Israel

to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and Joshua as unconditional and eternal. He asks and answers the following question correctly: “Who has a right to the land? God has promised it to Israel.” Furthermore, this promise of the Land to Israel survives throughout history, even when God is disciplining Israel through the Babylonian Captivity, and the age-long Dispersion, and that God will ultimately “bring Israel back into the land after discipline,” and, in the future Millennial reign of Christ, Israel will “treat the aliens and strangers as if they were Israelites.” In all of this we heartily concur with Dr. Bailey, but having stated this doctrine clearly, he appears to take much of it away in the rest of his article.

Why Dr. Bailey Does Not Want to Support Israel

He Believes Israel Is Mistreating the Palestinians

Dr. Bailey suggests that God’s promise of the Land to Israel is tempered by His admonition to Israel to not mistreat the aliens in th...

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