Software -- By: Charles H. Ray

Journal: Conservative Theological Journal
Volume: CTJ 07:22 (Dec 2003)
Article: Software
Author: Charles H. Ray


Charles H. Ray

Associate Editor

BibleWorks 5 by BibleWorks, 2002, $299.95

Scholar’s Library by Logos, 2003, $599.95

Almost all of the Bible software on the market today have the same features (KJV, Strong’s, etc.). These two are outstanding exceptions. They both have dozens of helpful features.

For complex searches and original language studies, BibleWorks is the best. It would be difficult to imagine a search that cannot be done, and done in any language. What makes this tool extra nice is that complex searches are not complex to set up. Instructional videos, proceeding at an appropriately slow pace, are built right into the system. Likewise, side-by-side comparisons of different versions are equally easy to bring up.

BibleWorks is greatly enhanced by such tools as BDB, TWOT, ISBE, Thayer, Robertson’s Word Pictures, Louw-Nida, Friberg’s Analytical Greek NT Lexicon, and a multitude of others. Unlockable titles include Koehler and Baumgartner’s Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the OT, and BAGD (3rd ed.). Three different screen arrangements are possible, depending on how much information the user needs.

BibleWorks 6 had not been released by press time yet the advertised additional features include the ability to construct grammatical diagrams, listings of Greek and Hebrew paradigms, many more instant pop-up windows, and the capability of using Greek and Hebrew fonts in HTML, Word, Outlook, etc.

Scholar’s Library, which is run in the Libronix system, is another indispensable resource. Highlights here include the complete TDNT, Biblical Theology of the OT/NT, JFB, BDB, New Bible Dictionary, The Bible Knowledge Commentary, church history resources, and much, much more. Everything is fully searchable, and, like BibleWorks, it is easy to use. Not enough can be said

about the value of this software. It is a vast treasure trove of resources for any and all students of the Bible.

Both BibleWorks and Scholar’s Library run on all the more recent Windows systems, and are highly recommended. Pastors and Bible students can save hours of research time and be better prepared to preach and teach by taking advantage of these CDs.

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