The Biblical Covenants with Israel -- By: David E. Olander

Journal: Conservative Theological Journal
Volume: CTJ 09:28 (Dec 2005)
Article: The Biblical Covenants with Israel
Author: David E. Olander

The Biblical Covenants with Israel

David E. Olander

Dr Olander’s focus in this article is that the unconditional covenants revealed in the Bible are between God and the remnant of Israel and not with the New Testament Church. This is the inevitable deduction that arises out of a consistently applied literal or normative hermeneutics. This emphasis needs to be made more clearly than ever due to the persistent rhetoric of “replacement” theologies, as well as the sad defections from classic dispensationalism by many who were once its friends

The Importance of Understanding God’s Biblical Covenants

God has revealed Himself to man primarily by His inerrant Word and man is accountable to understand what God has revealed. God has revealed Himself and His purposes not in mystery enshrouded with secrecy, but in such a way that man is fully capable and responsible to comprehend what has been revealed. “For God holds us only responsible for the plain, naked, grammatical sense of the Word, and not for recondite, hidden senses that the ingenuity or imagination of man may concoct.”1 What is impossible to miss in Scripture are the biblical covenants that God has made with the elect nation of Israel, the Jews.

God never gave His Word, especially the biblical covenants, to deceive, but to be fully comprehended and understood. The Abrahamic, land, Davidic and new covenants are the fountainhead from which God’s entire redemptive kingdom program springs forth. These covenants clearly reveal:

1. the covenanted people

2. the covenanted nation

3. the covenanted land

4. the covenanted seed

5. the covenanted house

6. the covenanted throne

7. the covenanted kingdom

8. the covenanted king

9. the covenanted reign

10. the covenanted redemption

11. the covenanted cleansing

12. the covenanted Spirit

This list goes on into great depth and detail.2 In Scripture, any reference to Israel is always to the covenanted Jewish nation Israel by God’s covenanted design and definition. This is not only because God simply declared it, but also by God’s biblical covenant promises and oaths, they, the Jews, are solely His directly covenanted people and no other.3 These covenants are the vehicles in which God rests His c...

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