Book Reviews -- By: Charles H. Ray

Journal: Conservative Theological Journal
Volume: CTJ 09:28 (Dec 2005)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Charles H. Ray

Book Reviews

Charles H. Ray

Review Editor

21 Things God Never Said by Larry Moyer, Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2004,176 pp., paperback, $10.99

Free and Clear by Larry Moyer, Grand Rapids: Kregel, 1997, 272 pp., paperback, $12.99

Moyer is the founder and longtime president of Evantell of Dallas, TX, a ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel worldwide, but also working hard to train laymen, pastors, and seminary students in the biblical skills of sharing the Word of God with a lost and dying civilization. Moyer and his staff crisscross the country speaking and teaching how best to witness the salvation found only in Christ.

These two books are outstanding tools for preparing the hearts and minds of believers in “Understanding and communicating God’s Offer of Eternal Life.” The 21 Things volume levels the playing field and helps correct Christian’s misconceptions about evangelism. Some of the chapter “Misconceptions” titles:

“If you doubt your salvation, then you’re not saved”

“Unless you turn from your sins, you can’t be saved”

“If you come to Me [Christ], I’ll make you both healthy and wealthy”

“To reach a cultist, you have to know what the cult believes”

“If you’re not willing to confess Me [Christ] publicly, you can’t be saved”

“If you want to be saved, just invite Jesus into your heart”

“If you’re going to evangelize, you must know how to defend what you believe”

Everyone can identify with having wrestled with these thoughts, and often caving into them and becoming impotent when it comes to witnessing. Moyer methodically works through these issues biblically and puts the believer on sound footing in being able to share the gospel.

The book Free and Clear should be recognized as a classic on the doctrine of salvation. While it is thorough in laying out what redemption is all about, it is not over the head of the average layman. It really covers the bases as to what the gospel is all about. Some of the chapter titles:

“When is Good News the Good News?”

“What is Sin?”

“Where Does the Lordship of Christ Fit In?”

“Is Baptism Essential to Salvation?”

These questions and many more are answered with clear logic and from a biblical foundation.

Both of the books should be part of every pastor’s library. But they could also be used as home school text...

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