One Jew’s Journey -- By: Alvin Tobias

Journal: Chafer Theological Seminary Journal
Volume: CTSJ 06:3 (Jul 2000)
Article: One Jew’s Journey
Author: Alvin Tobias

One Jew’s Journey

Alvin Tobias*

[*Editor's note: Alvin Tobias practices law in Southern California. He holds the J.D. from McGeorge School of Law and the M.A.C.A. (M.A. in Christian Apologetics) from Biola University. He has moderated open forums using Search Ministries’ format aided by one of its ministers. His email address is: [email protected]]

The Beginning

Some things in life we never forget. For me, it was the end of a journey I had unknowingly started and the beginning of another I never intended to travel.

At nine in the morning of February 6, 1994, my life changed dramatically.1 On that day, at that time, Jesus Christ became my Savior through faith alone in Christ alone. I became a completed Jew. I still marvel at how it happened. It is astounding that it happened at all. After all, as an intellectual, religion was something for other people, not me. My position, vis-à-vis the Creator had been simple: I believed I could demonstrate that man had created gods and dared anyone to prove that God had created man—Quod Erat Demonstrandum—the statement was axiomatic, requiring no proof! So, why was I sitting in my living room after finishing my morning transcendental meditation session knowing that the Bible (a book I had never really studied) was the absolute truth?2 Obviously, a change had occurred, making me into what Galatians 6:15 calls a new creation.

As remarkable an event as this was, given my lifestyle at that time, it had taken place without any shadow of doubt; I did not question the occurrence. God had, figuratively, reached out, turned my face to Him, and said, “Here I AM!” The experience was uplifting and serene (physically and spiritually). My body

lightened, giving me peace. My completion has always seemed like a gentle trip (It was like being on a boat floating on a placid lake. A slight bump awakened me, when the craft touched shore. Upon stepping out, I found myself on the solid ground of faith in Jesus). The testimony of others often mentions torment, confusion, and difficulty filling their journey. I thank God for the relative ease of my journey to Christ and the magnificence of His grace in saving me. All glory belongs to Him alone!

Despite God’s gentleness in bringing me forth by the word of truth (James 1:18), a stormy road was ahead. In a world in which some portion of the population always seems bent on anti-Semitism, it is tough enough being a Jew, let alone ...

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