Memorials And Shadows Animal Sacrifices Of The Millennium -- By: Bob Bolender

Journal: Chafer Theological Seminary Journal
Volume: CTSJ 08:2 (Apr 2002)
Article: Memorials And Shadows Animal Sacrifices Of The Millennium
Author: Bob Bolender

Memorials And Shadows
Animal Sacrifices Of The Millennium

Bob Bolender*

[*Editor's note: Bob Bolender is pastor of the Austin Bible Church in Austin, Texas. He was raised in Evergreen Baptist Church, in the Seattle area, and was grounded in Doctrine by Pastors Ken Jensen and John Eichmann. He trained for the ministry in the local church seminary of Austin Bible Church, under Pastor Ralph Braun. His email address is [email protected]]


Assumptions are often dangerous things. Even when they are true, the circumstances that prompted them are often troubling. We need to address them.

This article addresses a theological assumption that has bothered many believers for some time. Simply stated, it is that the animal sacrifices in the Millennium are memorial in nature, and look back to the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is an easy assumption to make: the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross is the once and for all sacrifice that fulfilled the inadequate Old Testament sacrifices (Hebrews 10:4, 10). The efforts to reconcile Hebrews with Ezekiel 40–48, and various other Old Testament prophetic passages usually make this assumption.

This article will not be the final word concerning the millennial animal sacrifices, although it will conclude with thoughts on the subject. This article will examine the nature of memorials and survey memorials that God has established in both testaments. The nature of shadow-doctrine and typology we will also examine by noting what the New Testament teaches concerning Old Testament shadows and types.


Old Testament sacrifices refer primarily to all animal sacrifices as revealed in the Old Testament—those Israel historically offered in times past. Millennial sacrifices refer to animal sacrifices that await historical fulfillment in future times. New Testament sacrifices, or Church Age sacrifices, refer to the

non-animal sacrifices that believers practice in the present dispensation.

The term memorial should be well known and naturally understood. The nature of the assumption in question, however, requires that the term memorial receive some treatment. Christians should also understand the terms shadow and type, but as they are central to the issue of Old Testament animal sacrifices, we will also discuss them.

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