The Bema Seat: It’s Background Of Shame And Honor -- By: Fred Chay

Journal: Chafer Theological Seminary Journal
Volume: CTSJ 14:2 (Fall 2009)
Article: The Bema Seat: It’s Background Of Shame And Honor
Author: Fred Chay

The Bema Seat: It’s Background Of Shame And Honor1

Fred Chay

Fred Chay earned his BA degree at the College of Notre Dame, M.Sc. at California Western University, Th.M and D.Min degrees at Dallas Theological Seminary, and Ph.D at Trinity Theological Seminary. He is associate professor of theological and Biblical studies at Phoenix Seminary. Dr. Chay has served as a professor of theology at Phoenix Seminary for over 17 years and is the director of doctoral studies. He has written books on Soteriology and Social Ethics. Fred served for 7 years as the Western Director of the Christian Medical Society and has served as a pastor. He is the President of the Free Grace Alliance and the founder and president of Grace Line Ministries. He and his wife Marsha have two adult children. His email is [email protected]


New Testament studies of late have discovered many rubrics or grids that, through refinement and submission to the priority of the sacred text, allow for greater accuracy interpreting the New Testament.2 Foremost are recent breakthroughs on New Testament textual criticism. Recent discoveries of both textual papyri3 and an evaluation of textual theory4 have provided a more accurate text to exegete. A breakthrough in lexical study, partially facilitated by James Barr’s seminal work on word study5 procedure as well as Moises Silva’s work,6 have been of great help in correcting our understanding of the meaning of words. Building on this advancement the whole area of Discourse Analysis has provided valuable insight to the New Testament.7

In the area of grammatical studies the seminal work of Frank Stagg concerning the abused aorist tense and the work of Stanley Porter and Buist Fanning have allowed for options to understand better the nuance of New Testament Greek tense concerning aspect. A recent grid for the study of the New Testament has been the area of rhetorical studies and its role in narrative. David Altman in the Old Testament and Charles Talbert in the New Testament have provided many literary discoveries that give valuable insights to the understanding of Scripture.8 One of the newest contributions to New Testament studies has been from the social or behavioral science and anthropology sectors. In the past this was conside...

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