How To Win Over Sin: -- By: Kenneth Alan Daughters

Journal: Emmaus Journal
Volume: EMJ 01:2 (Summer 1992)
Article: How To Win Over Sin:
Author: Kenneth Alan Daughters

How To Win Over Sin:

Kenneth Alan Daughters1

An Exposition Of Romans 6

We All Struggle

All believers struggle with sin. In fact, some believers think that they cannot help but sin.2 However, when one looks at Romans 6, he discovers that sin’s power is not omnipotent and that sin need no longer be his master. None of us will become sinless this side of glorification, but each of us should be sinning less and less often. Romans 6 is our Emancipation Proclamation.

Romans 6:1 says, “Are we to continue in sin that grace might increase?” This question arises because in the previous few verses it was demonstrated that the more we sin, the more God shows us His grace. We want God’s grace in abundance, but it is absurd to assume we should obtain it by sinning all the more.3 Verse 2 responds, “May it never be! How shall we who died to sin still live in it?” And yet there are many believers who have placed their faith in Christ, received forgiveness for their sins, been baptized with the Holy Spirit, are indwelt permanently by the Holy Spirit, have an inheritance in heaven, and who sin like they are brothers of the devil.

When I was ministering to young people, I tried to explain this passage to one

of the college students in my youth group. He was more honest than most, and he responded in exasperation, “Sometimes I can’t help but sin. The temptation is too strong. I have to give in.” I tried to point him to the verses that say otherwise, but he argued, “I know what is true in my own life, and for me it just didn’t work.” Many of us feel the same way. Many of us are dominated by the sin which indwells us.4

Yes, sin is enticing. The fish that looks at the worm on the end of the fisherman’s hook thinks that the bait is delicious. It may taste good for a moment, but there is a hidden barb. Sin is that way. It catches one off guard and enslaves. It prevents proper fellowship with the Father. But Romans 6 declares that we are free from slavery to sin.5 A proper understanding of this passage is essential for living in victory over sin.

Free At Last

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