The Providence of God -- By: William J. McRae

Journal: Emmaus Journal
Volume: EMJ 03:1 (Summer 1994)
Article: The Providence of God
Author: William J. McRae

The Providence of God

William J. McRae1

An Exposition of Exodus 2:1–22


It was W. H. Griffith Thomas, an Episcopal scholar, theologian, and writer, and one of the founders of Dallas Theological Seminary, who once wrote: “Cultivate the habit of investing every detail of life with significance.”

Unbelievable as this may seem, it is surely true. There is a special significance to every detail of your life. This is the essence of the doctrine of divine providence. Divine providence simply means “God’s continued activity in the world for the realization of His plan.”2 That is, it is God’s continuous involvement in all the details of this world, of this country, of your life. He is involved in all those details for the purpose of working out and fulfilling His eternal and all-wise plan.

Few chapters of our Bible bear stronger witness to the providence of God than Exodus 2. The first twenty-two verses of this chapter:

Span the first 80 of Moses’ 120 years (Acts 7:23, 30),

Cover the first two of the 3 major periods of Moses’ life,

1. Scholar in Egypt—40 years (Acts 7:23)

2. Shepherd in Midian—40 years (Acts 7:30)

3. Savior of Israel—40 years (Acts 7:36)

Touch on four incidents that witness to the providence of God.

The Providence of God in the Birth of Moses 2:1-9

The Circumstances of the Birth

Although it was not recognized as such when it occurred, the birth of Moses was a most important event for Israel. In the land of Goshen, a district of Egypt, there dwelt among the children of Israel a small family. The father was Amram, the mother was Jochebed (Exodus 6:20). Both were of the tribe of Levi. Their first child was a daughter, who was named Miriam (2:4). Their second child was a son, Aaron. As the chapter begins, he is now three years old (7:7).

Since the birth of Aaron, the Pharaoh in Egypt had imposed a new and more severe form of oppression. The decree had been delivered to all the peo...

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