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Journal: Emmaus Journal
Volume: EMJ 03:2 (Winter 1994)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Kenneth Alan Daughters

Ryrie Study Bible Expanded Edition. by Charles Caldwell Ryrie. Chicago: Moody Press, 1995. 2234 pages. $35.99.

This is the era of the study Bible. Rather than carrying only the text of the Scripture, many Christians carry a small one-volume library of information bound together with their Bible. Some are general purpose and others are specialized for a particular age, theological persuasion, or need. One of the most popular has just been expanded. The Ryrie Study Bible sold over two million copies in its original form. It now has 33% more notes, maps, and charts. Two thousand new notes and two hundred new maps and charts may tempt many of us who already own a Ryrie to upgrade. The competition among study Bibles is intense. The NIV Study Bible has been “king of the hill,” both in numbers sold and in quantity of valuable information. The Expanded Ryrie is still not as in-depth as the NIV, but it is my first choice to recommend to my students.

You can trust the notes in Ryrie. Among study Bibles his theology is as close to mine as I can find. He is even in agreement regarding church government, women’s role, and dispensationalism. He may not say as much as the NIV or make as many specialized applications as the other study Bibles, but he helps us with the key interpretations, and that is where a study Bible serves us best. His field of study is specialized in theology, but his insights into the exposition of the text continue to amaze me. Some of the best book outlines and explanations of author’s arguments are found in Ryrie.

The features include extensive cross references, an introduction to each book of the Bible, an introduction to each Testament and to the Gospels, color

maps, historical timelines, church history, summary of Bible doctrine, archaeology, and daily Bible readings. Expanded features include new in-text graphics of maps, charts, timelines, and diagrams. It is available in King James Version, New International Version, and the New American Standard 1995 Update.

Kenneth Alan Daughters

Ryrie Expanded Edition Study Bible with QuickVerse for Windows. Parsons Technology, Hiawatha, Iowa. (800) 223–6925. $69.

This computer software for users of Microsoft Windows is a Bible text and concordance program keyed to all the notes and features of the new expanded edition of the Ryrie Study Bible reviewed above. Both the text of the Scripture and the corresponding notes from Ryrie can be open at the same time. The biblical te...

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