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Journal: Emmaus Journal
Volume: EMJ 09:2 (Winter 2000)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

Kenneth Alan Daughters

No Time to Quit, The Biography of R. E. Harlow By Della Letkeman, Scarborough, Everyday Publications, 2000. 318 pages, paper, $10.99. (available from the publisher at 421 Nugget Avenue, unit 2, Scarborough, ON, Canada M1S 4L8).

Among the people of the twentieth-century assembly movement in North America whom God has been pleased to use for the benefit of all, R. E. Harlow stands tall. Della Letkeman has done us a great service in providing a biography that is both interesting and informative. Its title, No Time to Quit, is most fitting. I first met Ed Harlow at Mansfield Mission Station, South Africa, in the 1950s. On that occasion I was struck by his dedication to the task when he excused himself from the pleasantries of life to forward his vision for God. He was always studying, writing, planning, and preparing with his goal current in mind. Our paths have crossed many times over the course of forty-five years, and almost every time I met him I was challenged by the way he lived out the verse, “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God” (2 Tim. 2:15, NASV). Now, at ninety-three, he is still pursuing his ever-expanding goals. The title No Time to Quit fits Ed like a glove.

Ed himself has provided us with the rationale for the biography on the back cover. He says:

One of the luxuries of 90-year olds is looking back over the hills and valleys, the ups and downs of a lifetime. I always shunned the idea of a biography on the principle that the more honor you get in this world, the less in the next. But when Della Letkeman asked about it, I agreed to cooperate fully. I had just made, for my own interest, a 90-year summary of the places where I had lived since birth. I had a pile of 35

diaries which Della researched. She also contacted my family and old friends for pictures or stories. After I know not how many hundreds of hours, we spent three days reading the manuscript orally to correct any minute errors which might have crept in. Finally the computer disc was given to Alma Turnbull for typesetting. The apparent catastrophe in a life can turn out to be just the first steps to some larger advance. Our prayer is that those who read this book will give God the glory and understand that there is no time to quit.

The book follows a common biographical form and is divided into twenty-four chapters. Many of the chapters are set against the background of the Christian life as a long-distance race. Mrs. Letkeman has included this theme in a number of the chapter titles such as: Start of the Race, Desert Journey, Winning or Losing, A...

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