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Journal: Emmaus Journal
Volume: EMJ 20:2 (Winter 2011)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews


Mark R. Stevenson

Walking with Jesus: 90 Devotionals on the Life of Christ By David A. Glock, Dubuque: ECS Ministries, 2011, 333 pages, hardcover, $24.95.

From the days when David and Melsie Glock were students at Emmaus Bible School, I have known, loved, and respected the author of this book. David has given to the church a valued source of devotional blessings that clearly reflect his years of walking with Jesus and teaching the life of Christ in the Emmaus classroom.

The book contains ninety short chapters suitable for personal or family devotions. David’s writing style is a refreshing series of concise interpretive statements following segments of Scripture. The reader will quickly see that he presents insights into the life of Christ that give evidence of a lifetime of study in the four Gospels as well as other Scripture. The reader will come to appreciate the presentation of the historic sequence of events of Jesus’ years of public ministry which is invaluable for understanding how the Gospels fit together. David’s presentation of the various segments of Jesus’ public years, along with the content of his teaching ministry, will help the reader see that his was not a life of wandering and rambling. Jesus knew what he would accomplish. His life and ministry were goal-oriented.

David highlights the relationship between the miracles of Christ and his teaching ministry. He repeatedly focuses on the many ways in which both the essential deity and true humanity of Christ are seen in the gospel narratives. A very helpful devotional emphasis in this book is the major focus on Jesus’ personal ministry to his disciples. Helpful applications are made, with additional insights from other New Testament texts.

This work also clearly presents the cycles of rejection of Christ by the nation and its leaders, the array of issues against him, and the culmination of rejection in the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. Any reader who would grow and deepen in their life of worship will be carried to more profound wonder in considering the sacrificial, redemptive work of Christ.

Perhaps the most sublime impact of David’s book will be that of being led through the words and works of Jesus to gain greater insight and wonder into the person of Christ. This elicits true worship. This is seeing the glory of the Only Begotten of the Father. This is mankind’s highest privilege and calling. Thus, many will greatly profit from Walking with Jesus.

Daniel H. Smith

Chancellor, Emmaus Bible College


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