An Exegesis of Revelation 11:15 -- By: Alan Hugh West

Journal: Faith and Mission
Volume: FM 16:3 (Summer 1999)
Article: An Exegesis of Revelation 11:15
Author: Alan Hugh West

An Exegesis of Revelation 11:15

Alan Hugh West

B.A. Graduate
Southeastern Baptist Theological College
Wake Forest, North Carolina, 27587

1997 Winner of the Baxter C. Phillips
and Wanda L. Phillips Greek Exposition Award
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Wake Forest, North Carolina

“Yet have I set My king upon My holy hill of Zion. “—Psalm 2:6

With the three questions asked by Jesus’ disciples (cf. Matt. 24:1–4) still ringing infinitely through the ages: (1) “When shall these things be?” (The destruction of the temple); (2) “What shall be the sign of Thy coming?” (Gr. παρουσία, a technical term for the coming of the King); (3) “And the end of the world? “ (Gr. αἰών, “age”), the seventh trumpet brings the chronology all the way to the return of Christ (Rev. 11:15). Therefore, the seventh trumpet results in the establishment of the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ. The Second Coming (παρουσία) of Christ, while a great blessing for believers, will be God’s most severe judgment on the earth. The kingdom of this world will be completely overthrown by the coming kingdom of Christ (cf. Rev. 19:11–21; Dan. 2:3–4, 35, 44), Who will reign forever and ever (cf. Dan. 7:13–14, 27).1

Historical and Contextual Background

The letters addressed to the seven churches in the Roman province of Asia specifically locate the recipients of the book and give a broad indication of the historical situation. Some of the churches were experiencing persecution (2:10, 13). From this it has been customary to assume that persecution was quite intense and widespread.2 Thus, Revelation is viewed as a “tract for the times” document, warning Christians against emperor worship and encouraging them to be faithful to Christ, even unto death. Authors of recent studies, however,

question how intense, widespread, or sustained the persecution was, even under Domitian....

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