Why the Pastorate Is Foundational in Christian Service -- By: L. L. Grubb

Journal: Grace Journal
Volume: GJ 02:1 (Winter 1961)
Article: Why the Pastorate Is Foundational in Christian Service
Author: L. L. Grubb

Why the Pastorate Is Foundational in Christian Service

L. L. Grubb

Field Secretary
The Brethren Home Missions Council

The basic instrument of God on earth for witnessing and general service is the local church. This is His headquarters. Therefore, we must conclude that the key position for all Christian service on earth is the pastorate. There is a great need today to re-emphasize the place the local church and pastor occupy in God’s total plan of redemption.

Without the leadership of the pastor the work of the local church would suffer and no doubt ultimately die. Without the local church each other facet of Christian service ultimately would be impossible. For instance, the task of church extension could not be carried on. Where would we get the leadership, the men, and the money to establish new churches except from older, local churches? Foreign missions would be impossible for the same reason. Where would we secure the missionaries and the finances to support them in the fields of the world? There would certainly be no seminaries and Christian colleges if it were not for faithful pastors and local churches all over the world who support these necessary projects. This could be said of each facet of denominational work. Souls cannot be saved without soul-winners. Soul-winners are produced through teaching and training by pastors. This all demands the logic of Romans 10:14: “How shall they hear without a preacher?”

Yet, in spite of the clear and primary importance of the pastorate, there is a great need in all denominational circles for pastors. The question is heard on every side, “Where can we get preachers? “ At the same time, all too frequently those who go into the pastorate stay for only a short time. They become weary in well doing or some problem arises for which they have not sufficient fortitude. They resign and go into some other aspect of Christian service or back to a secular job. Fatalities in the pastorate are constantly increasing. (Some are led out of the pastorate by the Holy Spirit. We understand this. It is not of these that we speak.) We need to take a hard look at this situation.

This is the reason for our subject. In order to be fully impressed with the revelation of the Word of God in this matter, we should read Ephesians 4:7–16. Here Paul epitomizes the work of the pastor and the church. Certainly we have the very strongest Scriptural basis for our contention.

The pastorate is foundational in Christian service because of:

I. The Teaching Ministry. “Pastors and teachers” (Eph 4:11).

1. This I believe to be the basic task of the pasto...

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