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Journal: Grace Journal
Volume: GJ 04:2 (Spring 1963)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Future Life. By Rene Pache. Translated by Helen I. Needham. Moody Press, Chicago, 1962. 376 pp. $4.95.

Dr. Rene Pache, President of the Emmaus Bible School in Lausanne, Switzerland, is well known in American evangelical circles, having lectured in schools in this country.

This present volume is a sequel to his book on the “Return of Christ” published over a decade ago. Dr. Pache, although proficient in English, writes in his mother tongue, which is French. His books have made a major contribution to the premillenial and evangelical literature in French-speaking areas—France, Belgium and Switzerland. The influence of his writings has also been felt in French-speaking Africa, where reading believers and Bible students have so few evangelical helps on Biblical subjects. It is in these areas of Europe and Africa, where theological volumes following the premillennial interpretation of the Scriptures are sadly lacking, that Dr. Pache’s works make their greatest contribution.

This book is not written for the American theological student who has access to well documented eschatological works in English which are furnished with indices of subjects and Scripture references. Its primary contribution in English will be to laymen, Sunday school teachers, and the like who will appreciate simplicity, conciseness and brevity.

This observation in no way depreciates the writings of Dr. Pache. He is a lawyer by training, having received his degree from Lausanne. He presents the truth in succinct and unequivocal language. Some of his pages are delightfully interesting.

It is not an easy task to translate a treatise such as this, but Miss Needham has done a commendable work. In many places the force of the original language is retained. For example, on page 323 where eternal perdition is considered as one of the most powerful motives to impel us to preach the Gospel, he concludes with these words, “Let us surge forward along the paths marked out by William Carey, Hudson Taylor, John G. Paton, and the many other great pioneers, who were pushed irresistibly on by the call of the multitudes destined to eternal perdition.” Also the phrase on page 324: “…to deliver man from the perdition where his sin is dragging him.”

The book contains some very helpful outlines, e.g., the ministry of angels on page 107, and the names of Satan on page 121. The chapter on “The Occupation of the Dead,” extending to thirty pages, is interesting and enlightening.

This should prove to be a very helpful volume for all who desire to have the doctrines of the future life presented in brief, clear and concise form.

Orville D. Jobson
Winona Lake, Indiana

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