General Review: Events viewed in the Light of God’s Word -- By: Herman A. Hoyt

Journal: Grace Journal
Volume: GJ 05:1 (Winter 1964)
Article: General Review: Events viewed in the Light of God’s Word
Author: Herman A. Hoyt

General Review:
Events viewed in the Light of God’s Word

Herman A. Hoyt

President, Grace Tbeological Seminary

“But After This the Judgment”

No single event in almost twenty years has electrified the entire world as has the assassination of the President of the United States. From the moment of its certainty, every news agency of the United States, to say nothing of those belonging to foreign powers, centered their undivided attention upon this event. Without apology the normal schedules of business, schools, athletics, religion and pleasure were set aside for a period of four days, and every energy was concentrated on this national calamity and the ensuing global crisis.

News media, especially that of radio and television, made it possible to inform the entire world within minutes after the tragedy, and to keep the world informed of every new development in the unfolding significance of this event. Even after four days, the multiplying mountains of evidence leave the people amazed, mystified, stunned. As of this hour there is no adequate explanation for this monstrous crime. In the turn of events, the public is being swept along with the tide, and there is no apparent evidence that interest will abate.

Millions of words have been written and spoken bearing on every detail and aspect of this situation. Any discerning analyst will have noted the prominence given to an evaluation of the late President, John F. Kennedy. This is human, natural, and logical. For “it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Heb 9:27). In the normal processes belonging to the round of life, it is impossible to evaluate fully any life until that life has run its course. Once death has occurred, then the issues of that life can be gathered, processed, and evaluated.

Under the emotional pressures of the moment, high tribute is being paid to this man. Friends and enemies alike are paying respects to his phenomenal rise to the highest position in the nation and to the place of greatest power in the world. In this hour of mourning there is evidence of a sincere disposition to weigh the worth of this man and his contribution to society. It remains for the sobering facts of history, however, to provide the context for the more accurate analysis of this man and his ministry.

“Who Shall Be Able to Stand?”

During these past four days, the crisis of a nation and the world, instinctively men have turned to God as a source of hope, as a means of comfort, as a stabilizing force. Regardless of religious faith, without rancor or criticism, all have joined in turning to the supernatural as the last resort for assuaging sorrow and discourage...

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