God’s Message to Man through the Prophets - Part 4 -- By: Charles L. Feinberg

Journal: Grace Journal
Volume: GJ 05:2 (Spring 1964)
Article: God’s Message to Man through the Prophets - Part 4
Author: Charles L. Feinberg

God’s Message to Man through the Prophets - Part 4

Charles L. Feinberg

IV. The Prophetic Word and the Church
Charles L. Feinberg

Prophecy concerning the Church is to be found only in the New Testament. Types and illustrations of the Church are readily seen in the Old Testament, but the Body of Christ is not a subject of Old Testament prophetic revelation. See Matt 16:18. The New Testament, which discloses truth concerning the origin, the constituency, the privileges, the warfare, the service, and the responsibilities of the Church, also foretells the events which consummate her history. Let us consider the next event in God’s prophetic plan for the Body of Christ. It is rightly called the rapture of the Church. By the term Church we mean that body of individuals who have placed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Redeemer from sin in this age of grace. The catching up or rapture of the Church is taught in a number of New Testament passages. So clear is this teaching that we maintain that without a proper understanding of it, the entire Scriptural doctrine of the Church will be and must be misunderstood.

The Prophecies of the Rapture

We take them not in the order of their original proclamation, but as they are found in our Bibles.

John 14:1–3

The following three points should be observed in this passage. First, the depression of the disciples (v. 1). Second, the preparation of Christ (v. 2). The Father’s house is heaven, and not the temple on earth. The ark went before Israel in the wilderness to search them out a resting-place (Num 10:33). So Christ has gone on for us. Third, the return of Christ (v. 3).

1 Corinthians 15:50–58

First, the divine principle (50, 53). The kingdom in glory is meant here. No need in this body for renewal as does a body with blood. Flesh and blood are suited to the earthly sphere and not the heavenly. Paul has answered two questions (v. 35): (1) How are the dead raised up? It is only a sowing and there will be a harvest. (2) What kind of a body do they have? A body like Christ’s. Now the question is raised: What will happen to the body of believers alive when the Lord comes? This passage is the answer and it is the rapture.

Second, the mystery (51, 52). (1)...

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