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Journal: Grace Journal
Volume: GJ 08:1 (Winter 1967)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

What The Cults Believe. By Irvine Robertson. Moody Press, Chicago, 1966. 128 pp. $2.95.

This book is exactly what its title purports it to be, a treatise on the doctrinal aspects of the several cults under discussion. The author spends very little time dealing with the history of the movements, the peculiar characteristics of their leaders and matters of statistics. He is concerned to show how these cults are at distinct variance with the orthodox Christian faith.

The book is in six chapters following a preface and introduction. In the first four chapters the author deals separately with what he considers the four main cults, agreeing with Anthony Hoekema in this as set forth in his The Four Major Cults. These are Mormonism, Christian Science, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh-Day Adventism. In chapter five, entitled Other Current Movements, he deals with movements of lesser importance than the four previously considered. The final chapter contains a Comparative Summary of the Major Doctrines of the Four Main Cults considered in chapters 1–4.

The book concludes with an up-to-date bibliography, first a general bibliography and then a separate bibliography for each of the cults dealt with in the book.

The chief merit of this work is its clear and concise presentation of its material. It reveals careful research and includes ample documentation. It is an accurate and fair consideration of the cults which are discussed. The author of the work, a graduate of Grace Theological Seminary, is now teaching missions and personal evangelism at Columbia Bible College and its Graduate School of Missions in Columbia, South Carolina. Prof. Robertson was for a number of years a missionary in India where he saw some of the cults discussed in his book carrying on their missionary work. These factors contribute to make this a most interesting, dependable and useable production. The writer of this work commends it highly and has recently found it helpful as he taught a class in non-Christian cults in Grace Seminary.

Homer A. Kent, Sr.
Grace Theological Seminary.

Spiritual Depression. By D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. Grand Rapids, 1965. 300pp. $3.95.

A book on ten easy lessons to spiritual maturity has not yet been published. If such a work comes on the market, it will be nearly worthless. God never planned it that way. However, the spiritually afflicted will find an enlightening and satisfying answer in this book. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, a former heart specialist turned preacher, still deals with the heart as a “spiritual” surgeon. In his Westminster Chapel, he preached the chapters of this book as sermons of spiritual co...

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