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Journal: Grace Journal
Volume: GJ 09:3 (Fall 1968)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

It Took a Miracle! By Herbert L. Bowdoin. Fleming H. Revell Company, Westwood, New Jersey, 1964. 126 pp. $2.50.

The miracle of salvation changed a white-collar drunk into TV evangelist Ford Philpot. Born June, 1917, in Manchester, Kentucky, Ford Philpot felt an early call to preach the Gospel. But he experienced a conversion which “didn’t stick” and an high school course he never finished. After serving in various occupations including a tour with the U.S. Marines, Philpot drank himself into debt and a sanitarium. Influenced by his wife and minister, he enrolled at Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky. During a student prayer meeting, Philpot came to know Christ as his Saviour.

In this biography of Ford Philpot, author Herbert L. Bowdoin, minister of Wesley Memorial Methodist Church of Jacksonville, Florida, introduces the evangelist, his team and crusade procedures. Bowdoin has maintained seventeen years of friendship with Philpot, both as an Asbury collegiate and a board member on Philpot’s TV show, “The Story.” It was in Bowdoin’s church that Philpot preached his first sermon and from Bowdoin he received the idea of the TV show. The first color religious TV program, “The Story” was acclaimed as the best production of its class in 1963. Asbury College recognized Philpot’s contribution to the propagation of the Gospel by conferring upon him the degree of “Doctor of Divinity.

This book is unique in that the biographer outlines crusade procedures, including financial policies and lists of names with contributions. A personal appeal is made for the reader to write in for materials. At least three times in the book, the author feels constrained to defend the financial policies of the crusade team. Occasionally, it is very difficult to determine exactly who is speaking in sections of the book—Bowdoin or Philpot.

An ordained elder in the Methodist Church, Dr. Philpot had preached by 1964 over 600 campaigns, continued to operate a book-music shop in Lexington, Kentucky, and produced “The Story” for TV. His life story is warm, sincere and personal.

James H. Gabhart
Community Church
Tippecanoe, Indiana

The Soul of the Symbols. By Joseph R. Shultz. William B. Eerdman Publishing Co., 1966. 198 pp. $3.95.

This book has an appealing title and suggests something that needs to be emphasized. The ordinances of the Church are not mere forms to be engaged in to show that the participants are members in good standing. There is a definite spiritual ministry in them for those who partake of them in a worthy manner. They have practical meaning. They present Christ in the varied aspects of His ministry to us. We do not go as far as the R...

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