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Journal: Grace Journal
Volume: GJ 13:1 (Winter 1972)
Article: Book Reviews
Author: Anonymous

Book Reviews

The Saviours Seven Statements from the Cross. By Robert G. Lee. Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, 1968. $3.50, 146 pp.

A book review on Dr. Robert G. Lee need not mention his eloquent language, masterful illustrations and excellent interpretations. In this work, he does all these as he plumbs the depths of the meaning in the seven statements from the cross. His broad knowledge of literature, familiarity with the Scriptures and perception of personality give new insights on these words. While his goal is to prepare a work for the Lenten season, the pastor and teacher will regard this as a sourcebook for year-around information and inspiration. The illustrations and quotes by the author are worth the price of the book.

Dr. Lee always expresses some interesting interpretations. He assumes paradise (Abraham’s bosom) to be heaven (p. 50). When the Lord Jesus said, “Woman, behold thy son,” He no longer regarded Mary as His mother. She would be the mother of John. Hereafter, she was on the same plane as any other mother. Mary was now just a believer, not Mother! Following Calvin and B. H. Carroll, the author suggests that Christ’s spiritual death included the suffering of His soul in hell. He was separated from the Father and suffered in hell. The vinegar offered to the crucified Christ contained no opiates. Vinegar was offered as an insult (pp. 103,104).

At times, Dr. Lee uses symbols, expressions and illustrations that will yield meaning only to the well-read and well-taught believers. It appears that the word “thought” on page 87 would be better stated as “though.” Dr. Lee, author of many books, Bible conference speaker and past President of Southern Baptist Convention, is a giant in the Lord’s literary service!

James H. Gabhart
First Baptist Church
Chesterton, Indiana

Ezra and Nehemiah. By G. Coleman Luck. Moody Press, Chicago, reprint. $.95, 127 pp. (paperback).

A great deal of information on the books of Ezra and Nehemiah can be purchased for only ninety-five cents. Moody Press is wise to

reprint this profitable work of 1961 in the Everyman’s Bible Commentary series.

Dr. G. Coleman Luck, Chairman of Moody’s Bible Department, gives practical, historical and archeological facts on two often neglected books. He emphasizes courage with dedication and leadership with perseverance. The lessons for today are: get right with God now and stay right with Him continually. His book backgrounds are interesting and his outlines easy to follow. Dr. Luck considers some of the difficult problems such as the variations between the genealogi...

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