Editorial -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Grace Theological Journal
Volume: GTJ 01:1 (Spring 1980)
Article: Editorial
Author: Anonymous


The Grace Theological Journal begins, with this issue, its career as a medium for publicizing the theological convictions and insights of the faculty and friends of Grace Theological Seminary. For more than forty years the blessing of God has been clearly evident in the growing influence of this graduate school. The impact of its spiritual testimony and of its theological distinctives has been felt in many parts of the world where nearly two thousand alumni are proclaiming the unsearchable riches of Christ. It is in acknowledgment of God’s gracious providence that the seminary faculty is seeking to meet the growing need for a scholarly and thoroughly biblical theological journal.

It was exactly twenty years ago this spring that the more humble predecessor of the Grace Theological Journal began its thirteen-year career (a list of available issues is obtainable upon request). Several of the editors of the old Grace Journal serve on the present editorial staff as well. But the difference between the two journals is profound. A totally new format, which compares favorably with other major journals of our day, is perhaps the most obvious difference. There is also a more realistic financial structure, advanced typesetting and publishing equipment not previously available, a much larger constituency, and especially the availability of a faculty and staff twice as large as in 1960.

One level of quality, however, has not changed. The seminary faculty is still totally committed to the proposition that God has spoken infallibly to men through the medium of his written Word, the Bible, absolutely inerrant in the autographs. Not only is the Bible true down to the very “jot and tittle,” it is also basically clear and understandable. No one will ever be able to say to the final Judge of mankind, “I would have trusted you and obeyed you, but I could not understand your Word!”

Among the deep theological convictions shared by the faculty and constituency of Grace Theological Seminary are these: (1) the world was directly created by God in six literal days apart from any evolutionary processes; (2) through willful rebellion against God, mankind has fallen into a state of total spiritual depravity and can only be saved from an eternal hell by the grace of God through personal faith in the substitutionary sacrifice and bodily resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ; (3) God’s program for the Church Age

(which began at the day of Pentecost and will end at the pretribulation rapture) is outlined in the great commission of Christ and is accomplished through the instrumentality of the local church; and (4) God’s covenant promises to Israel will be literally fulfilled during Christ...

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