Collected Essays -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Grace Theological Journal
Volume: GTJ 01:1 (Spring 1980)
Article: Collected Essays
Author: Anonymous

Collected Essays

Messianism in the Talmudic Era. ed. by Leo Landman. New York: KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 1979.

1. The Origin of the Jewish Messianic Belief—Hugo Gressmann, “The Sources of Israel’s Messianic Hope” (pp. 3-24); J. Klausner, “The Source and Beginnings of the Messianic Idea” (pp. 25-37); N. Schmidt, “The Origin of Jewish Eschatology” (pp. 38-50); G. Scholem, “The Messianic Idea in Judaism” (pp. 51-74); H. P. Smith, “The Origin of the Messianic Hope in Israel” (pp. 75-98); S. Zeitlin, “The Origin of the Idea of the Messiah” (pp. 99-114).

II. Natural and Supernatural Messianism—J. Drummond, “Conception of the Ideal Kingdom Without a Messiah” (pp. 115-62); I. Heinemann, “Messianismus und Mysterienreligion” (pp. 163-81); A. J. B. Higgins, “Jewish Messianic Belief in Justin Martyr’s Dialogue with Trypho” (pp. 182-89); J. Klausner, “Allusions to the Messianic Idea in the Pentateuch and Former Prophets” (pp. 190-99); J. Klausner, “Daniel” (pp. 200-14); J. Klausner, “The Name and Personality of the Messiah” (pp. 215-28).

III. The Jewish and Christian Doctrine of the Messiah—W. D. Davies, “The Rabbinical Sources” (pp. 229-63); Marnius De Jonge, “Jewish Expectations about the ‘Messiah’ According to the Fourth Gospel” (pp. 264-88); J. Klausner, “The Jewish and Christian Messiah” (pp. 289-301); H. Kosmala, “At the End of the Days” (pp. 302-12); N. Schmidt, “Recent Study of the Term ‘Son of Man’“ (pp. 313-38).

IV. The Two Messiahs—J. Heinemann, “The Messiah of Ephraim and the Premature Exodus of the Tribe of Ephraim” (pp. 339-53); J. Liver, “The Doctrine of the Two Messiahs in Sectarian Literature in the Time of the Second Commonwealth” (pp. 354-92).

V. Messianic Phenomena—M. Ber, “Mashehu al R. Judah Ahave d’R. Sella Hasida” (pp. 393-96); J. Neusner, “Power” (pp. 397-424); A. H. Silver, “The Five Methods” (pp. 425-41); M. Waxman, “Heblei Mashiah” (pp. 442-44); M. Waxman, “Hidush ha-Olam” (pp. 445-50); M. Waxman, “Messianic Days and the War of Gog and Magog” (pp. 451-57); S. Zeitlin, “The Assumption of Moses and the Revolt of Bar Kokhba” (pp. 458-502); S. Zeitlin, “The Essenes and Messianic Expectations” (pp. 503-14).

The New Life: Readings in Christian Theology, ed. by Millard J. Erickson. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1979.

Part 1, The New Life In Individual Experience—The Giver: Geoffrey W. Bromiley, “The Holy Spirit” (pp. 21-42). The Plan: Loraine Boettner, “Unconditional Election” (pp. 43-52); Henry Thiessen, “Election and Vocation” (pp. 53-60). The Beginning: George W. Peters, “The Meaning of Conversion” (pp. 61-68...

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