Book Announcements -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Grace Theological Journal
Volume: GTJ 01:1 (Spring 1980)
Article: Book Announcements
Author: Anonymous

Book Announcements

One happy event in contemporary publishing circles has been a renewed interest in publishing out-of-print works. Several publishers have been active in this endeavor. In this issue of the journal, a brief perusal will be made of those dealing with Old Testament subjects while the Fall issue will deal with New Testament reprints.

Theology of the Old Testament, by Gustav F. Oehler. Minneapolis: Klock & Klock, 1978 (originally published in 1873). $16.50.

This has long been one of the better theologies from the conservative perspective. Oehler (1812–1872) accepted the JEDP and deutero-Isaiah theories although the work itself is a reaction against the rationalism of his time. Used with discretion, it is still valuable for the minister today.

A New Commentary on Genesis, by Franz Delitzsch. 2 vols. Minneapolis: Klock & Klock, 1978 (1888). $21.95.

That a volume as old as this could still be so useful stands as a genuine compliment to the great skills of its author. These volumes are of somewhat better quality than that of the combined efforts of Keil and Delitzsch. It is with gladness that the minister faces the addition of this to his library.

The Unity of the Book of Genesis, by William Henry Green. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1979 (1895). $9.95. Paper.

At the turn of the century, classical Wellhausian approaches concerning the Documentary Hypothesis were ravaging orthodox churches and schools. This book is a reaction to that Documentary Hypothesis. Since classical Wellhausian concepts per se are no longer held, it is difficult to see much value in the reprinting of this volume. Unfortunately, many will no doubt

think they have an answer to modern critics through this volume. Used judiciously, it may have some ongoing value but $9.95 for a paperback of an outdated work makes it an unattractive proposition.

Studies in the Book of Daniel, by R. D. Wilson. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1979 (1917). $10.95.

Wilson may well be the finest conservative scholar on the OT. Anything which he wrote is worthy of being read. Many of his arguments are valid even today. This volume, like Pusey’s, is actually a defense of the orthodox view of Daniel rather than a commentary. The only complaint would be the price ($10.95) which is steep for a paperback.

Obadiah and Habakkuk, by Edward Marbury. Minneapolis: Klock & Klock, 1979 (1649–50). $19.50.

This is not a commentary on these neglected books so much as it is a sermonic treatment complete with outlines. Its size (763 pp...

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