Collected Essays -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Grace Theological Journal
Volume: GTJ 01:2 (Fall 1980)
Article: Collected Essays
Author: Anonymous

Collected Essays

Ugarit-Forschungen, 10, ed. by Kurt Bergerhof, Manfried Dietrich, and Oswald Loretz. (1978). Neukirchener: Neukirchen-Vluyn, 1979. Pp. 520. DM 154 (Subscription Price, DM 140).

This ten-year-old annual of Ugaritic studies (with an equal interest in biblical studies) is the Cadillac of published materials on Ugarit. There are probably two factors which have limited its usage in the West, the first of which is its price, a feature that has made it all but impossible for the average book buyer. The second is that the title, being written in German, has frightened many students away. In fact, sixteen of its twenty-nine major articles are in English. Its articles represent the highest academic quality. The annual is also characterized by a Kurzbeiträge section (brief contributions). There are about fifty pages of book reviews in areas of equal interest to both the biblical and Ugaritic scholar. One of the features that has made the work so usable has been an extensive index section, which covers all foreign words, literature passages, personal names, and general topics. All things considered, the volume should be in the library of every school in which biblical studies are taught. The following is a list of the main articles:

Aartun, K. “Textüberlieferung und vermeintliche Belege der Konjunktion pV im Alten Testament,” pp. 1-14.

Alster, B. “Enki and Ninhursag, The Creation of the First Woman,” pp. 15-28.

Avishur, Y. “The Second Amulet Incantation from Arslan-Tash,” pp. 29-36.

Del Olmo Lete, G. “Notes on Ugaritic Semantics IV,” pp. 37-46.

Del Olmo Lege, G. “The Ugaritic War Chariot. A New Translation of KTU 4.392 (PRU V, 105),” pp. 47-52.

Dietrich, M.—Loretz, O. “Das ‘seefahrende Volk’ von S̆ikila (RS 34.129),” pp. 53-56.

Dietrich, M.-Loretz, O. “Die sieben Kunstwerke des Schmiedegottes in KTU 1.4 I 23–43, ” pp. 57-64.

Dietrich, M.-Loretz, O. “Bemerkungen zum Aqhat-Text. Zur ugaritischen Lexikographie (XIV),” pp. 65-72.

Emerton, J. A. “A Further Note on CTA 51 4–6, ” pp. 73-78.

Gorg, M. “Zur Westpolitik der babylonischen Kassiten,”, pp. 79-82.

Healey, J. F. “Ritual Text KTU 1.161—Translation and Notes,” pp. 83-88.

Healey, J. F. “MLKM/RPUM and the KISPUM,” pp. 89-92.

Heyer, R. “Ein archäologischer Beitrag zum Text KTU 1.4 I 23–43, ” pp. 93-110.

Loewenstamm, S. E. “Balloti bᵉs̆ämän raʿänā...

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