Book Announcements -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Grace Theological Journal
Volume: GTJ 01:2 (Fall 1980)
Article: Book Announcements
Author: Anonymous

Book Announcements

In the first issue of this journal, notation was made concerning the recent explosion of publishers who are reprinting older works. In that issue, OT subjects dominated, while here equal time is given to NT subject areas. The volumes will be dealt with in groupings from the publishers, who are presented in alphabetical order. First from Alpha publishers:

Rays of Messiahs Glory: Christ in the Old Testament by David Baron. Winona Lake, IN: Alpha, 1979 [1886]. Pp. 274. $7.95.

Baron was a converted Russian Jew who experienced fifty years of successful Christian ministry. Perhaps the truest description of his work is that it was characterized by a zealous warmth not normally found in such books. To be sure, his treatment of Christ’s Messiahship must be reevaluated at various points; on the whole, however, his work is an inspirational and biblical study of Christ in the OT.

Bible studies: Contributions chiefly from Papyri and Inscriptions, by Adolf Deissman, Winona Lake, IN: Alpha, 1979 [1901]. Pp. 384. $12.00.

Originally, this volume was intended to help explain in a totally new manner, the relationship of NT Greek to that of extra-biblical Greek; in short, it sought to provide a better understanding of koinē Greek. For the book collector, this first reprint in fifty years should be well received.

The Revelation of Law in Scripture by Patrick Fairbairn. Winona Lake, IN: Alpha, 1979 [1869]. Pp. 484. $13.95.

Few subjects have been found more difficult to understand than that of the relationship of the believer to the law. Fairbairn has provided one of the more popular attempts to make that explanation. Originally intended as a series of lectures, it grew into a book that has had a long history of popularity among students and pastors.

Notes on the Epistles of St. Paul: I and II Thessalonians, I Corinthians 1–7, Romans 1–7, and Ephesians 1:1–14 by J. B. Lightfoot. Winona Lake, IN: Alpha, 1979 [1895]. Pp. 336. $9.95.

No one who is a student of the Bible needs an introduction to the eminent Bishop Lightfoot. These commentaries represent unfinished work that was nonetheless published. Like the rest of his work, they are treasured by pastors and scholars.

Meyers Commentary on the New Testament, by Heinrich August Wilhelm Meyer. Winona Lake, IN: Alpha, 1979 [1883]. 11 volumes. $225.00.

This nineteenth-century Greek scholar was one of the finest ...

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