Appreciations from Friends, Students, and Colleagues -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Grace Theological Journal
Volume: GTJ 06:2 (Fall 1985)
Article: Appreciations from Friends, Students, and Colleagues
Author: Anonymous

Appreciations from
Friends, Students, and Colleagues

In an essay on compensations for Christian service, Herman Hoyt once spoke of the compensation “centering in the area of reciprocating gratitude.” He went on to describe such compensation:

There has never been invented anything to take the place of expression of gratitude from a human heart for benefit received. It is a fragrance rising from an appreciative heart in which there is no merit and where no merit is intended, but by virtue of its very nature it becomes an overflowing compensation to him upon whom it is conferred. It is the return of grace for grace received, and takes a large place in the life and ministry of the servant of God. It does what money can never do [“The Many Compensations for Christian Service.” Grace Journal 14 (1973) 10).

This section of the Festschrift is offered in the spirit of the preceding words. The contributors intend to return grace for grace received. Yet the glory goes to God, whom Dr. Hoyt faithfully serves.

* * *

Forty-nine years ago this fall I enrolled in Dr. Hoyt’s Beginning Greek class at Ashland College. We were told that the purpose of the class was to provide a “working knowledge” of NT Greek. We soon learned that the basic ingredient of the course was indeed work! However, what I learned from Dr. Hoyt in Greek (and Hebrew, as well) has provided me with a fine foundation for a lifetime of expository preaching.

I recall an occasion when a student took it upon himself to enlighten Dr. Hoyt as to the proper use of the word “repent.” “Professor Hoyt,” he said, “surely you know that ‘repent’ is a Jewish word and is never used in connection with Gentiles.” Dr. Hoyt did not argue but simply asked the student to find Acts 17:30 and read it aloud. Paul’s words that God “now commands all men everywhere to repent” effectively ended the discussion!

As a student of Dr. Hoyt and as his colleague in teaching from 1942–45, I found him to be fair and earnest. In a time of real personal need he was my

loyal friend and counselor. I continue to thank God for his faithfulness to the Word, his inspiring ministry, and his devotion beyond the call of duty.

John M. Aeby
Retired Brethren Minister
Waterloo, IA

* * *

My first acquaintance with Dr. Hoyt was as a fellow student at Ashland College and Seminary. I found him to be a good friend and brother in Christ. He always excelled academically and graduated at the top of his class. Yet I remember one time (the only time!) when I ...

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