The Writings of Herman A. Hoyt: A Select Bibliography, 1934-1984 -- By: Robert D. Ibach, Jr.

Journal: Grace Theological Journal
Volume: GTJ 06:2 (Fall 1985)
Article: The Writings of Herman A. Hoyt: A Select Bibliography, 1934-1984
Author: Robert D. Ibach, Jr.

The Writings of Herman A. Hoyt:
A Select Bibliography, 1934-1984

Robert D. Ibach, Jr.


Dr. Hoyt’s unforgettable impact on the Grace Brethren Church has been largely accomplished from three forums: the pulpit, the lectern, and the printed page. Those of us who have heard his persuasive preaching and teaching are grateful for his many writings which shall continue to minister to God’s people in the future.

Dozens of the essays that Dr. Hoyt wrote for the Brethren Missionary Herald magazine focus on current events, cultural trends and moral issues. Readers of these articles will be impressed by his ability to translate the truth of Scripture into compelling precepts that must govern the lifestyle of twentieth-century Christians. His rigorous submission to God’s Word is evident in his writings on Brethren distinctives, especially This Do in Remembrance of Me (1947) and All Things Whatsoever I Have Commanded You (1948). But those familiar with the preaching, teaching and writing of Dr. Hoyt will remember and appreciate him best for his understanding of biblical eschatology and his capacity to apply prophetic truth to daily living.

The present bibliography encompasses most of the articles, theses, tracts and books published by Dr. Hoyt from 1934 through 1984.1 Some of the news columns that he wrote on behalf of Grace College, Grace Theological Seminary and the Herald Company are omitted, as are minor editorials, announcements and book reviews.


BE—The Brethren Evangelist

BMH—Brethren Missionary Herald

GJ—Grace Journal

List of Publications


“As a Sentinel.” Winona Lake: Brethren MissionaryHerald. 15 pp.


“The Doctrine of Nonresistance in War.” Winona Lake: Brethren Missionary Herald. 16 pp.


“Women’s Head Covering.” Winona Lake: Brethren Missionary Herald. 8 pp.


“What will the Second Coming of Christ Mean to Israel?” BE 56:13 (March 31) 6, 8; 56:14 (April 7) 7–8; 56:15 (April 14) 6, 8; 56:16 (April 21) 6–8.



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