Theses and Dissertations at Grace Theological Seminary, 1985 -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Grace Theological Journal
Volume: GTJ 06:2 (Fall 1985)
Article: Theses and Dissertations at Grace Theological Seminary, 1985
Author: Anonymous

Theses and Dissertations
at Grace Theological Seminary, 1985

M.Div. Theses

Anxiety, John Fred Wardy.

Belief, False or True?: An Appeal for Consistent Interpretation of Biblical Soteriological Terminology, Steven F. Shipley.

The Bible and Sports, Friend or Foe?: A Study of Selected Pauline Passages in Corinthians and Timothy Pointing Out the Implications of Biblical Teaching Regarding Sports, Bradley D. Bailey.

Biblical Hospitality in Light of Historical Research, Richard M. Wise.

A Comparison of Romans 7:14–25 and Selected Psychological Theories of Motivation, Richard A. Palizay.

The Contemporary Incarnation Debate and the Exegesis of John 1:1, Rendal A. Weekley.

The Contribution of Sophia to the Argument of the Epistle of James, William J. Powis II.

A Critical Analysis of the Purpose and Meaning of Psalm 121, Joseph Arthur.

The Disciples’ Cross in Mark 8, Lyle L. Sweeney.

The Distinction Between Biblical Preaching and Teaching as Evidenced in the Ministry of Jesus Christ, Robert E. Kulp, Jr.

Does Sexual Intercourse Constitute a Marital Relationship: The One Flesh Relationship, Michael A. Brown.

Educational Implications of Colossians 2:8, Eric Sackett Smith.

Election and Evangelism, Jerry W. Sanders.

An Evaluation of the Motivational Constructs of the Human Heart—and a Defense of the Concept of the “Personal Circle,” Thomas J. Edgington.

An Exegetical Analysis of Romans 8:16, Paul A. Thomason.

The Hermeneutical Implication of the New Testament Use of the Old Testament: Amos 5:25–27 in Acts 7:42–43, William W. Strickland.

The Household Management Criteria for Selecting Church Leaders, Kevin D. Huggins.

The Implications of the Book of Hebrews for Discipleship Today, Larry Bennett.

An Interpretation of Numbers 24:17, Ellen Wolff.

James 1:14–15, a Paradigm of Hamartiological Source, Steve Viars.


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