Grace Theological Journal Index 1980-1985 -- By: Paul D. Petersen

Journal: Grace Theological Journal
Volume: GTJ 07:2 (Fall 1986)
Article: Grace Theological Journal Index 1980-1985
Author: Paul D. Petersen

Grace Theological Journal Index 1980-1985

Paul D. Petersen

David L. Turner

This cumulative, analytical index of GTJ 1–6 (1980–1985) has been prepared from the database of Religion Index One, a publication of the American Theological Library Association. Articles are indexed by subject and author; book reviews are indexed by the book’s author and by the GTJ reviewer.

Subject Index


The test of Abraham: Genesis 22:1–19. Lawlor, John I. GTJ 1 No 1, 19–35 Spr 1980

Agape Feast

The agape—eucharist relationship in 1 Corinthians [Brethren churches]. Coyle, J. Timothy. GTJ 6 No 2,411-424 Fall 1985


Early and medieval Jewish interpretation of the Song of Songs. Fields, Weston W. GTJ 1 No 2,221-231 Fall 1980


An interpretation of Daniel 11:36–45. Harton, George M. GTJ 4 No 2,205-231 Fall 1983


The apologetical value of the self-witness of scripture. Grier, James M. GTJ 1 No 1, 71–76 Spr 1980

Aquinas, Luther, Melanchthon, and biblical apologetics. Selden, Jonathan. GTJ 5 No 2,181-195 Fall 1984

Cornelius Van Til and Romans 1:18–21: a study in the epistemology of presuppositional apologetics. Turner. David L. GTJ 2 No 1, 45–58 Spr 1981


Christ’s atonement and animal sacrifices in Israel [Ezek 40–48]. Whitcomb, John C. GTJ 6 No 2,201-217 Fall 1985


An interpretive survey: audience reaction quotations in Jeremiah. Manahan, Ronald E. GTJ 1 No 2,163-183 Fall 1980

A theology of pseudoprophets: a study in Jeremiah. Manahan, Ronald E. GTJ 1 No 1, 77–96 Spr 1980


Baptism by triune immersion [among Brethren; Matt 28:19]. Plaster, David R. GTJ 6 No 2,383-390 Fall 1985

The focus of baptism in the New Testament. Averbeck, Richard E. GTJ 2 No 2,265-301 Fall 1981


The “poor” in the beatitudes of Matthew [5:3] and Luke [6:20–26]. Meadors, Gary T. GTJ 6 No 2,305-314 Fall 1985


The apologetical value of the self-wit...

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