Theses and Dissertations at Grace Theological Seminary, 1987 -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Grace Theological Journal
Volume: GTJ 08:2 (Fall 1987)
Article: Theses and Dissertations at Grace Theological Seminary, 1987
Author: Anonymous

Theses and Dissertations
at Grace Theological Seminary, 1987

M.A. Theses

Appealing Cults in Central Africa: A Scriptural Perspective, Thomas A. Peters.

The Effect of Organizational Structure and Demographics on Administrative Stress, Robert A. Cummins.

M.Div. Theses

The Biblical Doctrine of Sex, Christopher A. Hay.

The Biblical Use of “Fire” as it Relates to Purification and Judgment, Glenna Yehnert.

The Chronicier’s Hymn: 1 Chronicles 16:8–36, Rex L. Swihart, Jr.

The Chronology of the Genealogies of Genesis Five and Eleven: A Hermeneutical Inquiry, Terry Ray Daniels.

A Comparison of the Decrees of Artaxerxes’ 20th Year and Cyrus’ First Year as the Beginning Point of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks, David Larson.

The Extent of the Atonement in 1 Timothy 4:10, Virgil Yehnert.

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Eschatology: A Brief History of their Prophetic Failures, Micheal T. Lynch.

Literary Analysis in the Book of Genesis, David A. Lord.

Luther’s Confrontation with Roman Church Doctrine, Jay A. Johnson.

The Meaning and Significance of “Testing” in the Pentateuch, Randal T. Kemmerer.

A Proper Approach to Christian Rock, Timothy S. Andrus.

The Servant and the Spirit in Isaiah 48:16, Leroy Davis.

Slander and its Implications: A Study of James 4:11–12, Bryan Luckenbaugh.

Walking as Christ Walked: The Essence of Christian Living, William L. Phillips.

Th.M. Theses

An Analysis of the Teaching of the Virgin Mary’s Co-redemptive Work with Christ, David S. Black.

A Critique of Amillennialism and a Presentation of the Dispensational Premillennial View of Eschatology, James A. Millican.

A Harmony of the Chronology of the Divided Monarchy, Albert H. M. Ong.

A Historical and Scriptural Survey of the Doctrine of Illumination with Application to Hermeneutics, Jeff Ingle.

Moral and Ethical Responsibilities of Biblical Teaching, Ed Glasscock.

The New Testament Doctrine of Eternal Punishment, Paul M. Biggers.

A Selective Hebrew Word Bibliography and Index with an Essay...

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