For Those Who Hate Feminists—And Those Who Don’t -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Volume: JBMW 01:2 (Nov 1995)
Article: For Those Who Hate Feminists—And Those Who Don’t
Author: Anonymous

For Those Who Hate Feminists—And Those Who Don’t

On December 8, 1989 a clean-shaven man in his early 20’s walked into the faculty of engineering at the University of Montreal, Canada. He wandered about the hallways of the structure for quite some time—dark eyes searching, analyzing, scrutinizing —and finally chose a crowded classroom on the second floor. Calmly, and with resolve he entered and commanded the male students to move away from the females. When they hesitated, he methodically separated them with the nub of his semiautomatic rifle and ordered the men out of the room. Confusion exploded into terror as the execution began. “You are all feminists!” the young man screamed. Those were the last words those female engineering students ever heard. In the wake of one man’s fury against feminism, fourteen women were killed and numerous others critically injured.

Marc Lepine hated feminists. But the media informed citizens that his actions gave credence to the very system of ideology which he had so brutally attacked. The slaughter was simply an extremist enactment of society’s attitude towards women. As one journalist argued, “A madman took to demented extremes a battle against the more vulnerable sex which is enacted daily without gunfire on so many fields across this country.”

The journalist was right. A battle is raging across the nations. It is a spiritual battle. And although the battle is not isolated to role relationships between men and women, much of it does take place on that front. Those of us who have experienced the goodness of God’s plan for malefemale relationships must be careful not minimize or trivialize its severity. Countless women experience extreme pain and suffering from the hands of the very men who ought to guard and protect them. It is real. It is damaging. And from my perspective, it is increasing in violence and intensity.

My personal experience

I have been extremely fortunate to have had good men in my life. My grandfather, father, brothers, husband, and male friends have all blessed me in both action and word. But consider the woman who has been molested by her grandfather, ignored by her father, sexually derided by her brother, slapped by her husband and ridiculed by her male friends. She reacts to the wounding by adopting a feminist and/or egalitarian philosophy which assures her of her worth and value as a woman. And no wonder!

To be sure, such a woman needs truth. But most often, she needs healing of her pain before she is able to respond to truth.

A story of a changed life

I am reminded of Sandra—a friend I met in University. Sandra was studying to be a medical doctor. When I met her, she was contemplating becoming a Christian, but was struggling with how to reconcile Christianity with her feminist world...

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