A Look Back To D-Day -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Volume: JBMW 01:2 (Nov 1995)
Article: A Look Back To D-Day
Author: Anonymous

A Look Back To D-Day

Times have changed in the last fifty years. Our attitudes about men, masculinity, national loyalty, war, and legitimate authority have all changed markedly….Fifty years ago, men were less doubtful than they are today about their role in the culture. They were the breadwinners and protectors of women and children against external threats and dangers.… Today there are very strong forces at work reshaping men’s role in their relationship to women and society.

Beginning in school, and perhaps earlier, little boys and young men are nowadays taught that they must be sensitive, compassionate, not-too-competitive, not-too-aggressive, not-too-ambitious or lustful for power, not-too-sexually assertive; they are taught also to disavow their natural discomfort about homosexuality, and to disavow the importance of the so-called “manly virtues” as childish or adolescent or declass, or reactionary, or mindless—notions like courage, honor, duty, loyalty, comradeship.

At the next Battle of Omaha, where will we find the Sgt. Streczyks and Lt. Spauldings to lead us off the beach?

Yale Kramer, in a gripping account of the Allied assault on Normandy, “Day at the Beach,” in The American Spectator, August, 1994

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