A Prophetic Word From 1974 -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Volume: JBMW 02:2 (Mar 1997)
Article: A Prophetic Word From 1974
Author: Anonymous

A Prophetic Word From 1974

In a previous issue of CBMWNEWS (Vol. 1, no. 3 [June 1996]: 3-5), Wayne Grudem provided a brief critique of the New Revised Standard Version (“What’s wrong with ‘gender neutral’ Bible translations?’’). He concluded that the NRSV is in many cases not an accurate translation, because it seems to adhere to the principle that “if the way the Bible says certain things is offensive to parts of our culture, then we can simply change what the Bible says in order to take away the offense. But once this happens, we are no longer simply translating, or even interpreting, we are willfully changing the text of Scripture’’ (p. 5).

But there is at least one man who saw these problems at the very inception of the NRSV over twenty years ago: Joe Bayly, the father of the new CBMW executive director. Following is a reprint of a column he wrote in 1974 for Eternity magazine.

A recent news release indicates that the Revised Standard Version is to be revised yet once more, this time to eliminate sexist language.

What is sexist language? “Sons of God,’’ which will become “children of God.’’ “If any man thirst,’’ which will be changed to “If any person thirst.’’ “He who endures to the end will be saved’’ will be either “He or she,’’ or “They.’’

I happen to think the whole idea is stupid, the sort of tampering with the Scriptures that Bible-burners accused the RSV translators of twenty-five years ago.

Before persons begin to write letters accusing me of being a M.C.P., please listen to me say that I think women have a valid and serious cause for complaint in our present American society. I’m for gymnasiums at Christian colleges for women as well as men, equal sports facilities and equipment at Christian camps, women on boards of directors of Christian organizations, equal pay for women for the same work—in Christian as well as secular situations, opportunity for women to advance along with men to executive positions.

And a lot of other things, more basic.

If a woman works all day at employment outside the home, elemental justice would indicate that her husband should share the work of the home.

No husband should be content to flower while his wife vegetates. Every Christian married man is responsible to see that his wife realizes the potential God has built into her life.

But it’s not just husbands who must free women to be themselves, to achieve the goals they’d like to achieve. Women’s libbers (including many of the Christian ones) need to learn the same lesson. Their scornful put-down of interest in motherhood, in providing a warm and beautiful home, in being a “traditi...

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