Shepherd’s Pie -- By: Tim Bayly

Journal: Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Volume: JBMW 04:4 (Spring 2000)
Article: Shepherd’s Pie
Author: Tim Bayly

Shepherd’s Pie

The Idol Of Equality

Tim Bayly

Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

— Alexis de Tocqueville

The past few years I have found myself wondering which hatred takes precedence in the minds of moderns—the hatred of the limits God, our Creator, has placed on His gift of sexuality; or the limits He has placed on us through His gifts of leadership and authority? No matter how much the modern hates chastity; modesty, fertility, masculinity, femininity, monogamy, and heterosexuality, he hates distinction, particularity, and submission even more. Thus the real opposition to Scripture’s teaching concerning male leadership is, in fact, not rooted in feminism, but egalitarianism.

Returning from taking a national standardized test a year ago, our son Joseph told us he thought he had done well. We asked him why and he responded, “A lot of it was vocabulary and I knew many of the words from our dinner table conversations.” We asked for an example; laughing, he replied, “Egalitarian.”

The New Pandora’s Box

I was reminded of that exchange while reading the lead article in the April, 2000, issue of Wired, the magazine at the epicenter of the information technology business. The piece, written by Bill Joy, cofounder and Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems, warns of the danger posed by certain technological advances: “The new Pandora’s boxes of genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics are almost open, yet we seem hardly to have noticed. Ideas can’t be put back in a box; unlike uranium or plutonium, they don’t need to be mined and refined, and they can be freely copied. Once they are out, they are out.

To my surprise, Joy went on to make the case that a proper response to these dangers would require loosening our culture’s grip on two aspects of the utopian vision we inherited from the French Revolution—Liberty and Equality. How ironic to read, here in the pages of Wired, a prophetic exhortation to rethink the place held by Liberty and Equality in our utopian vision!

What God-fearer today needs the world to teach him the terrible cost paid the past two centuries by the unfettered pursuit of these two ideological utopias? Think of the fifty to seventy-five million souls dead at the hands of the radically materialistic egalitarianism of Communist leaders; or the fifty to sixty million unborn sons and daughters killed each year on the altar of a woman’s freedom to choose: it’s hard to imagine better candidates for ideas needing to be put back in the box.

It was a fateful moment when, at the close of the enlightenment period, the Jacobins in France led the charge from eternity to mode...

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