Annotated Bibliography for Gender- Related Articles in 2005 -- By: Oren Martin

Journal: Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Volume: JBMW 11:1 (Spring 2006)
Article: Annotated Bibliography for Gender- Related Articles in 2005
Author: Oren Martin

Annotated Bibliography for Gender- Related Articles in 2005

Oren Martin

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood,
Louisville, Kentucky

In this issue of the journal we profile some of the most significant gender-related articles from 2005. Here is a brief reminder about the categories we are using and our intent in using them. Complementarian designates an author who recognizes the full personal equality of the sexes, coupled with an acknowledgment of role distinctions in the home and church. Egalitarian classifies evangelicals who see undifferentiated equality (i.e., they see no scriptural warrant for affirming male headship in the home or the church). Under the Non-Evangelical heading, we have classified important secular works and books that address the subject of biblical gender issues from a religious, albeit, non-evangelical point of view. This category also serves as our classification for liberal scholars wanting to retain some sort of Christian identity. Finally, under the Undeclared heading, we have listed those books that do not give sufficient indication of their fundamental stance for us to classify them more specifically.

Complementarian Authors/Articles

Brighton, Louis A. “Where is the Holy Family Today?: Marriage a Holy Covenant Before God—The Biblical Role of Man and Woman.” Concordia Journal (July 2005): 260–68.

Brighton believes that marriage is a holy covenant created by God and that when the respective roles of the husband and wife are lived out according to Scripture, then it is both a blessing to the world and “an icon that illustrates and points to the love of God through Christ for all mankind.” Using Joseph and Mary as the supreme example to be emulated by families today, his main points are (1) for husbands to be imitators of Christ as they “give themselves to their wives in order to care for them and nourish them in the giving and sacrificial love of Christ,” and (2) for wives to “become such icons and living examples of the church’s subjection to the Lord Christ as they place themselves under the loving care and protection of their husbands.” When Christians strive to be faithful to God’s design for

marriage, “they emulate the holy family of Joseph and Mary as they collectively and individually proclaim the blessed Gospel of Christ’s salvation within the manner in which the husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church and as the wife submits herself to the husband as the church does to Christ.”

“JBMW Responds to Discovering Biblical Equality (IVP, 2004).” Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood 10, no. 1 (2005).

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