A Review of Does Christianity Squash Women? by Rebecca Jones -- By: Mary K. Mohler

Journal: Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Volume: JBMW 11:2 (Fall 2006)
Article: A Review of Does Christianity Squash Women? by Rebecca Jones
Author: Mary K. Mohler

A Review of Does Christianity Squash Women?
by Rebecca Jones1

Mary K. Mohler

Director, Seminary Wives Institute;
President’s Wife,
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky

It seems that Christian women living in a post-Christian era are often an enigma to society. There is far too little ammunition to combat the increasing mentality that biblical womanhood is outdated and irrelevant. Rebecca Jones’s provocative book provides readers with an arsenal full of cogent arguments based on biblical truths. She also enlists the support of a virtual “Who’s Who” among conservative Christian scholars. In just over two hundred pages of text, she quotes from more than eighty of the most respected evangelicals of our time as well as from the recent past. Her thesis, not surprisingly, is that Christianity does not squash women: “[Women] are, on the contrary, given a place of high honor in the Bible.. .. They play a huge part in the accomplishment of God’s will and in the arrival of the promised seed.”

While the book makes logical arguments that fly in the face of feminism, it also serves to bring encouragement to women who are seeking to uphold biblical femininity but often feel like they are swimming upstream. This work is written “by a woman, for women and about women.” The discussion questions at the end of each of the twelve chapters would surely lead to a lively and soul-searching dialogue.

Jones reflects first on the results of the fractured feminist movement. She quotes a feminist who is clearly confused as she seeks to define liberal feminism. Rebecca accurately concludes, “This woman affirms differences she can’t discern and claims rights she can’t define.” The root of the problem, accurately identified in this book, is the starting place:

[We] begin with our own definitions of what we expect. We end up creating God in our own image rather than accepting the fact that we are made in His. God defines the rules in the game of life. We don’t get to pick what color piece we want on the board.. .. The wonderful thing is that

God has told us these things. He doesn’t hide the truth from us, but tells us clearly in His Word who He is and who we are.

It is important to note, as Jones does, that there are some Christians who clearly seek to squash women. These men serve to blight the gospel as they seek to squash, stifle and silence women—all in the name of Scripture. Francis Schaeffer warned us long ago that we never have the luxury of fighting a battle on only one front. It is not...

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