Did God Actually Say? Hearing God’s Voice On Homosexuality From The Storyline Of Scripture -- By: Trent Hunter

Journal: Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Volume: JBMW 19:1 (Spring 2014)
Article: Did God Actually Say? Hearing God’s Voice On Homosexuality From The Storyline Of Scripture
Author: Trent Hunter

Did God Actually Say?
Hearing God’s Voice On Homosexuality From The Storyline Of Scripture

Trent Hunter

Pastor of Administration and Teaching
Desert Springs Church
Albuquerque, New Mexico

There’s a video on YouTube that has received nearly 700,000 views. Penguins, cats, and babies best that every day. Hour-long lectures on texts from Leviticus, Romans, and 1 Corinthians don’t. As a new Harvard student and professing Christian, Matthew Vines was amazed at the openness to homosexuality he witnessed on Harvard’s campus. So, he took a year off of school to settle the question of what the Bible teaches on the subject. The video he uploaded to YouTube is his manifesto, and it resonates with an audience large enough to land him a book deal on the same subject.1

What did he learn? His conclusion about “traditional” Christians and their view of homosexuality sums it up:

You are taking a few verses out of context and extracting from them an absolute condemnation that was never intended. But you are also striking to the very core of another human being and gutting them of their sense of dignity and of self-worth. You are reinforcing the message that gay people have heard for centuries: You will always be alone. You come from a family, but you’ll never form one of your own. You are uniquely unworthy of loving and being loved by another person, and all because you’re different, because you’re gay.2

Vines is right that the Bible is important and that we should read every verse in context. And he is also right to suggest that getting the Bible wrong harms people.

But do Christians who believe that the Bible condemns homosexuality really arrive at that conclusion by taking a few verses out of context? Does this interpretation gut those with same-sex attraction of their dignity and worth as human beings? Does believing this resign those with same-sex attraction to a life of loveless isolation? We should want to know. We must give an answer (1 Pet 3:15).

What Did God Actually Say?

Today, we want to answer the question, “What has God said about homosexuality?”3 One way to answer this question is to study specific instances of the mention of “homosexuality” in Scripture. Matthew Vines takes this approach. By contrast, I will show how the framework of the entire Bible, not just a collection of proof-texts, presents heterosexual marriage as the normative context for sexual intimacy and the reason why same-sex marriage cannot be condoned by ...

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