Calvinism vs. Molinism: Paul Helm & William Lane Craig -- By: Paul Helm

Journal: Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry
Volume: JBTM 11:1 (Spring 2014)
Article: Calvinism vs. Molinism: Paul Helm & William Lane Craig
Author: Paul Helm

Calvinism vs. Molinism:
Paul Helm & William Lane Craig

Paul Helm

Paul Helm is Teaching Fellow at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has authored or contributed to sixteen books, including Calvin and the Calvinists (Banner of Truth, 1982). For more information, see:

William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California, and Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University in Houston, Texas. He has authored or edited over thirty books, including The Only Wise God: The Compatibility of Divine Foreknowledge & Human Freedom (Baker, 1987). For more information, see:

Editor’s Note: Below is a transcript of a conversation hosted by “Unbelievable?” with Justin Brierley (Premier Christian Radio) on January 4, 2014. The transcript (which omits commercial announcements and edits contractions) was produced by Reasonable Faith and is used with permission. The original conversation is available at:

JUSTIN BRIERLEY: Welcome along and today a fascinating discussion for you as we ask two views of divine sovereignty: Calvinism and Molinism are debated on the show today. Does God preordain the future, including people’s eternal salvation? Well, that is certainly a way of looking at Calvinism. If that is true, it raises the question as to whether people have free will.

We are going to be looking at an alternative view today, as well, called Molinism. And two leaders in the field who join me on the program today. I am so pleased to welcome into the studio William Lane Craig—well known as a Christian philosopher and theologian. He is an author and speaker [and has] debated many leading atheists around the world. We recently had him on reviewing his debates with Lawrence Krauss in Australia, and Bill is the founder of Reasonable Faith.

Paul Helm is a leading Calvinist scholar and theologian. He is a teaching fellow at Regent College, Vancouver, and he is defending the historic Calvinist view today. So, welcome gentlemen, both, to the program.

Well, let us introduce you in turn. Many listeners, Bill, are very familiar with your name. You have been on the show a number of times and of course well known in the world of

apologetics. Perhaps, though, less well known is the fact that you ar...

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