Wanted: Dead And Alive! Romans 6:1–14 -- By: David L. Allen

Journal: Journal for Baptist Theology & Ministry
Volume: JBTM 14:1 (Spring 2017)
Article: Wanted: Dead And Alive! Romans 6:1–14
Author: David L. Allen

Wanted: Dead And Alive! Romans 6:1–14

David L. Allen

David L. Allen is Dean of the School of Preaching, Distinguished Professor of Preaching, Director of the Southwestern Center for Expository Preaching, and George W. Truett Chair of Ministry at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Romans 6:1–14 comprises two paragraphs in the Greek text, but because they are so linked semantically, they should be taken together in preaching. Romans 6:1–11 is paragraph one. In verses 1–10, Paul presents three grounds or reasons for the imperative in verse 11. Romans 6:12–14 is the second paragraph and serves to exhort the readers to action on the grounds of what is stated in verses 1–11. I have attempted to reflect this structure in the sermon.

They called him the Mad Monk of Russia. He was the religious and political confidant of Empress Alexandra of the Romanov family at the turn of the last century. He justified his profligate lifestyle by teaching the more we sin, the more God’s grace is magnified. If sin led to an increase of grace, then we should increase our sin to give God a chance to increase His grace.

Therefore, Rasputin concluded: It is every Christian’s duty . . . to sin! No wonder he was called the Mad Monk of Russia!

Well, Mr. Mad Monk, meet the Apostle Paul, who responds to such an egregious slur upon grace by thundering forth, “Let it never be!” Now, I doubt there are any Rasputins reading this right now. You who know that you are free from the penalty of sin; and yet you struggle with the power of sin in your daily life. That sin that you dread has won victory in your life again. You have committed it; confessed it; and committed it again. You have prayed about it; you have fasted over it; you have begged God to help you overcome it. You have done everything under the sun you know to do, and yet to your chagrin that sin still wins victory in your life.

There is only one solution; a funeral. You need to attend a funeral with me today. Whose funeral? Why, it is your funeral! Romans 6 is your obituary. Paul says you have died to sin. Remember the wanted posters in some western movies? “Wanted: Dead or Alive!” God wants you dead . . . and alive! Dead to sin and alive to God through Christ!

Paul begins verse

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