Editorial -- By: H. Wayne House

Journal: Journal of Christian Apologetics
Volume: JCA 01:1 (Summer 1997)
Article: Editorial
Author: H. Wayne House


H. Wayne House

It has been interesting to me that at a time when interest in apologetics should be at an all time high, due to the paganization of American society, the fact is just the opposite. Until a few decades ago even in discussion with non-Christians, a Christian could appeal to the Christian faith or the Bible and receive a hearing. During that same time, seminaries and colleges regularly had required courses in apologetics; and Christian apologists were being read by the larger Christian public. In our day, however, when secular humanism has made great inroads into our public institutions, New Age religion has invaded our movies and the schools, postmodernism is found within the church, many Christian institutions do not consider this academic preparation as being pivotal to a well-rounded Christian education. The Bible is often no more understood or accepted by our society than was the preaching of Paul to Athenians. The need now is greater than ever for Christians to be knowledgeable about the defence of the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3). Moreover, those believers who have seen the need of apologetics and desire to make an impact on their world and win people to our Lord need additional information to help then in the struggle with those intellectual strongholds which exalt themselves above the knowledge of God. In concert with these concerns, Michigan Theological Seminary is launching the Journal of Christian Apologetics.

We intend to publish this scholarly presentation of articles on various apologetics areas two times per year. The articles will cover issues of philosophy, theology, biblical studies, ethics, science, and cult studies as these subjects relate to apologetics. Some articles will be more popular in nature while others will be more technical. None hopefully will be uninteresting, for they will address the matters about which we dare not be uninformed if we are to persuade our generation of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to help Christians be able to give an answer for the hope that lies within us (I Pet. 3:15).

The premier issue of the Journal of Christian Apologetics includes articles strategic to Christian witness. John Jelinek begins the journal discussing the impact of our cultural move to postmodernism on morality in America. I have submitted my own article on the matter of heresy. My concern is with how the church can legitimately judge the heretics of the past if we let slide those of our day who are often much worse that the famous heretics of old. We need to address what is heresy and how and when to deal with those who become heretical in their beliefs. Gary Habermas brings an intere...

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