Equipping The Generations: Leading Your Child To Christ -- By: Andy Johnson

Journal: Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry
Volume: JDFM 03:2 (Spring 2013)
Article: Equipping The Generations: Leading Your Child To Christ
Author: Andy Johnson

Equipping The Generations:
Leading Your Child To Christ

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson (Ed.D, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is pastor of children’s ministry at Ingleside Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Besides speaking and teaching, Andy also enjoys reading, writing, and running.

It is a truly exciting thing to be involved in your child’s spiritual journey. Ensuring your child is cared-for in terms of physical and emotional provision is certainly important. The greatest contribution you can make to your child’s well-being, however, is instilling a fervent love for Jesus Christ. But how does this happen? What steps must a parent take in order to lead their child to Christ? How can you ensure that what happens at church is a supplement and not a replacement for spiritual guidance at home?

Moses provided an excellent framework to answer these questions in Deuteronomy 6. In this text, God commanded parents to nurture their children spiritually during all parts of the day: at home, during travel time, when waking up and when going to sleep. These are all excellent times to share the Word of the Lord with your children and take intentional measures to grow them in Christ!

The X-Factor—You

The primary way to lead your child day-by-day to Christ is through the faithful testimony of your own life. Paul called this a “sincere faith” (1 Tim 1:5). Your child has watchful eyes and will attentively notice your spiritual ups and downs. Being an “X-Factor” means that you are a special piece with a special place your child’s spiritual puzzle. With this in mind, here are a few self-examination questions:

  • How have you exhibited faith in God to your child?
  • Have you been transparent with your children about your imperfections and your need for forgiveness?
  • Do you openly talk about Jesus and how he is impacting your life?
  • Do your children see in you a consistent desire to please God?
  • Do your children see you reading God’s Word on a regular basis?
  • Do you pray often and lead your children in times of prayer outside of bedtimes and mealtimes?

Communicating The Gospel Clearly

When teaching your children the gospel message be sure they recognize the basic premise that they are sinners and that, because of God’s great love, he allowed his Son Jesus to be crucified and buried then he raised him

from the dead. Here are some Scriptures to talk about to convey these truths:

  • We are sinners—...
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