Equipping The Generations: Children: A Blessed Necessity For Christian Marriages -- By: David Schrock

Journal: Journal of Discipleship and Family Ministry
Volume: JDFM 04:1 (Fall 2013)
Article: Equipping The Generations: Children: A Blessed Necessity For Christian Marriages
Author: David Schrock

Equipping The Generations:
Children: A Blessed Necessity For Christian Marriages

David Schrock

David Schrock pastors Calvary Baptist Church in Seymour, Indiana.  He is the husband of Wendy and the father of Titus and Silas. Additionally, he is the book review editor for the Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, as well as CBMW’s book review channel. He has contributed many articles and reviews for The Gospel Coalition, Credo Magazine, and PureHope Ministries. He blogs at ViaEmmaus.wordpress.com.

Last month, Time ran a cover story on “The Childfree Life.” It raised the question: Are children necessary for having a full and meaningful life? This month, Emily Timbol has picked up that question and stirred the pot again.

In her article, “The Fruitful Callings of Childless By Choice,” she makes the case that she and her husband are best able to glorify God by choosing not to have children. Supporting her thesis with a series of personal anecdotes, appeals to feelings, and a smattering of references to the Bible and theology, she suggests an alternative way to glorify God in marriage. She writes,

Skipping over a procreative opportunity isn’t a rejection of God’s purpose for me. When I think of what I was created for, what my purpose on this earth is, I don’t think of babies….My purpose is not determined by my ability or desire to reproduce. It is determined the same way as everyone else’s: by gifts, passions, talents, and skills that God has given to use for his glory.

For Timbol, glorifying God is not restricted to baby making and therefore children are not necessary for a fruitful marriage. Her article is in step with the spirit of the age, but I want to ask, do her experiences, feelings, and purported Christian liberty really find support in Scripture? Does it really glorify God to intentionally forsake children? I will argue that Scripture clearly calls believers to pursue children in marriage.

The Glory Of God Is Familial, Not Free-Wheeling

When God created the world, he made it for his glory. Scripture repeatedly tells us that God created and redeemed the world for his glory (see Ps 19:1; Isa 43:6-7; 1:6, 12, 14). Yet, the pinnacle of creation is not a thing. Humanity is in fact called to be the glory of God (see 1 Cor 11:7).

In Genesis 1, when God gave his first couple the command to be fruitful and multiply, he did not give them a command to procreate as an end in itself. Rat...

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