Editorial -- By: Anonymous

Journal: Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Volume: JETS 06:2 (Spring 1963)
Article: Editorial
Author: Anonymous


In our next issue we anticipate offering our readers a review of new books. As manuscripts are accepted for publication, it would be appropriate for each author to request his publisher to send an advance review copy to our book review editor. This would expedite matters and make it possible for us to keep this section up to date. Reviews of single volumes as well as survey may introduce some of our readers to new areas, stimulate wider reading and in turn prepare each of us for more effective research and service as productive scholars.

Each issue of our bulletin reflects the interests, scholarly efforts and conclusions of some of our E.T.S. members. Articles for publication are usually selected from those which are read at our national or regional meetings. Others are submitted directly to the editor.

It is our hope that our readers will be informed and intellectually stimulated through the reading of these pages. All the viewpoints, observations, and conclusions are not necessarily indorsed by our Society. Frequently papers presented at our meetings draw considerable discussion on the floor as time permits. It is anticipated that readers will likewise respond with scholarly efforts to interact with views expressed in the bulletin. This can be extremely valuable in correcting misinterpretation, modifying viewpoints and clarifying ambiguities that frequently recur in our channels of communication. Judgments made by any individual should be critically and objectively evaluated. This type of response may be mutually beneficial for all concerned toward the end of clarifying the basic ideas discussed. As promoted through the discussions in our bulletin it offers the opportunity for a greater participation by our members, especially those who could not be present when these papers were read, as well as our readers at large.

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